celia/pica.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Celia Messaoudi20 months
hurd/glibc.gitglibc maintenanceGNU Hurd maintainers8 years
hurd/gnumach.gitGNU MachGNU Hurd maintainers3 days
hurd/hurd.gitHurdGNU Hurd maintainers7 days
hurd/incubator.gitthe great next stuffGNU Hurd maintainers6 years
hurd/libpthread.gitPOSIX threading libraryGNU Hurd maintainers6 years
hurd/mig.gitMIGGNU Hurd maintainers4 days
hurd/procfs.gitprocfsGNU Hurd maintainers10 years
hurd/unionfs.gitunionfsGNU Hurd maintainers3 years
hurd/viengoos.gitViengoosGNU Hurd maintainers11 years
hurd/web.gitWeb pagesGNU Hurd maintainers4 days
linux/linux-stable.gitLinux kernel stable maintainers3 days
mocramis/x15.gitX15 microkernel perf moduleRemy Noel10 years
rbraun/c1024.gitA game of 1024 in CRichard Braun5 years
rbraun/cpiday.gitCelebrate Pi day in CRichard Braun6 years
rbraun/debian_on_asus_c101pa.gitDebian-on-ASUS C101PA Chromebook installation guideRichard Braun6 years
rbraun/dotfiles.gitPersonal dotfilesRichard Braun4 months
rbraun/embedded_invaders.gitThe classic game over a serial port, made easy to embedRichard Braun4 months
rbraun/librbraun.gitPersonal C utility libraryRichard Braun5 years
rbraun/qtreslot.gitClang plugin to convert slot-related calls to Qt5 variantsRichard Braun7 years
rbraun/school/mtx.gitOld matrix computation school workRichard Braun7 years
rbraun/school/tnt.gitOld TCP-like school projectRichard Braun10 years
rbraun/x1.gitMinimalist educational operating systemRichard Braun6 years
rbraun/x15.gitThe X15 microkernelRichard Braun5 years
xivo/acceptance.gitTests and documents for XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/build_rom.gitUtils for building a boot ROM image with custom dataXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/build_udebs.gitBuild an udeb with out-of-tree e1000 for EP80579XiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/coreboot.gitCoreboot with improved support for Intel EP80579 and the XiVO IPBX Open Hardware...XiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/drivers.gitTelephony drivers for XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/e1000-xioh.gitEP80579 GbE driver as an out-of-tree module for Linux 2.6.32XiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/ep80579_hss.gitTDM support libraries for Intel EP80579 HSSXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/firmware.gitFirmware for the MSP430 controller on XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/hardware.gitSchematics, board and BoM for XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/install.gitDocumentation and configuration for installing XiVO on XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/ipxe.gitiPXE with support for Intel EP80579 and XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/linux.gitLinux branches with e1000 patched for support of the EP80579 GbE MAC and XiVO IP...XiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/misc.gitMiscelaneous util scripts from the XiVO IPBX Open Hardware teamXiVO Dev Team11 years
xivo/operator_utils.gitGUI util for flashing XiVO IPBX Open HardwareXiVO Dev Team11 years