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masterload time option to allow use of LE89316_ASYNC_XIOH_CONFIG (for tests)Guillaume Knispel11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-02-04load time option to allow use of LE89316_ASYNC_XIOH_CONFIG (for tests)HEADmasterGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-04typoGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-04add build helper scriptGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-04remove outdated scriptGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-04be less crazy and more informativeGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-01Linux < 2.6.19 is not supported anymoreGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-01telephony code builds properly when not at rootGuillaume Knispel
2013-02-01document environment_exampleGuillaume Knispel
2013-01-31remove ref to megrez and TAINT_CRAP xivo_tdmGuillaume Knispel
2013-01-31we are AvencallGuillaume Knispel