BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
checkperm-deferred-authorizationutils/ utils/ add checkperms helpersArne Babenhauserheide9 months
jlledom-pci-memory-mapMerge branch 'jlledom-pci-memory-map' of ssh:// Lledó10 months
linux-pfinetImport of Linux 2.2.14 subset (ipv4 stack and related)Roland McGrath23 years
masterrumpdisk: Link in PIIX IDE driver and ATA common codeSamuel Thibault9 days
master-fix_extern_inlineRemove unused files.Thomas Schwinge13 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/prereviewFix errors in defpagerMaksym Planeta10 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/reviewAdd assertion to check if inode number is correct.Maksym Planeta10 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/review_v1Remove out of date commentsMaksym Planeta10 years
v0.9.git20220925commit 2c1d33f813...Samuel Thibault9 days
v0.9.git20220830commit 2dcfb6a358...Samuel Thibault5 weeks
v0.9.git20220818commit 8171d2aa48...Samuel Thibault7 weeks
v0.9.git20220301commit c8344d909b...Samuel Thibault7 months
v0.9.git20220218commit 258b45cde4...Samuel Thibault8 months
v0.9.git20220206commit 19706231bc...Samuel Thibault8 months
v0.9.git20211230commit 78e78d10af...Samuel Thibault9 months
v0.9.git20210811commit 1dc4b70101...Samuel Thibault14 months
v0.9.git20210404commit bef0f49eff...Samuel Thibault18 months
v0.9.git20201127commit 49f29d3e37...Samuel Thibault22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysrumpdisk: Link in PIIX IDE driver and ATA common codeHEADmasterSamuel Thibault
13 dayspfinet: Fix warningv0.9.git20220925Samuel Thibault
13 dayslwip: Fix warningSamuel Thibault
13 daysiioctl: restore documenting 10 and 11 as unusedSamuel Thibault
13 daysrioctl: Use r not i group ioctl for SIOCADDRT/SIOCDELRTDamien Zammit
13 dayslwip: Add missing stubDamien Zammit
13 daysUse route.h from glibcSamuel Thibault
2022-09-20procfs: Populate /proc/route with network routesDamien Zammit
2022-09-20acpi: Convert translator to an emulated mach deviceDamien Zammit
2022-09-12acpi: Remove references to /dev/memDamien Zammit