BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jlledom-pci-memMerge branch 'jlledom-pci-mem' of ssh:// Lledó6 weeks
linux-pfinetImport of Linux 2.2.14 subset (ipv4 stack and related)Roland McGrath21 years
masterprocfs: Fix use-after-freeSergey Bugaev4 weeks
master-fix_extern_inlineRemove unused files.Thomas Schwinge12 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/prereviewFix errors in defpagerMaksym Planeta9 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/reviewAdd assertion to check if inode number is correct.Maksym Planeta9 years
mplaneta/gsoc12/review_v1Remove out of date commentsMaksym Planeta8 years
v0.9.git20210404commit bef0f49eff...Samuel Thibault2 months
v0.9.git20201127commit 49f29d3e37...Samuel Thibault7 months
v0.9.git20201116commit 3901af56b3...Samuel Thibault7 months
v0.9.git20201114commit f28ca0a89b...Samuel Thibault7 months
v0.9.git20200930commit da5b44eaf1...Samuel Thibault9 months
v0.9.git20200718commit eb0c487352...Samuel Thibault11 months
v0.9.git20200416commit 4be8073ec6...Samuel Thibault14 months
v0.9.git20191228commit cd12cc27ad...Samuel Thibault18 months
v0.9commit 5add1f4c53...Thomas Schwinge5 years
v0.8commit b33507ab62...Thomas Schwinge5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-24procfs: Fix use-after-freeHEADmasterSergey Bugaev
2021-05-18utils/ps.c: Don't limit output width to 80 on non-ttySergey Bugaev
2021-05-08settrans: get rid of translator that couldn't be attachedSergey Bugaev
2021-05-08libpager: pager_write_page () should not unmap pageSergey Bugaev
2021-05-08Revert "fshelp: Fix fetching control ports."Samuel Thibault
2021-05-07libpager: Properly zero-initialize pagemapSergey Bugaev
2021-05-07libpager: Use libc heap for pagemapSergey Bugaev
2021-05-07libpager: Fix overallocating pagemapSergey Bugaev
2021-05-06libpager: Store pagemapsize as vm_size_tSergey Bugaev
2021-05-06libpager: Do not flush in-core pages on offerSergey Bugaev