rbraun/c1024.gitA game of 1024 in CRichard Braun2 years
rbraun/cpiday.gitCelebrate Pi day in CRichard Braun3 years
rbraun/debian_on_asus_c101pa.gitDebian-on-ASUS C101PA Chromebook installation guideRichard Braun3 years
rbraun/dotfiles.gitPersonal dotfilesRichard Braun3 months
rbraun/librbraun.gitPersonal C utility libraryRichard Braun2 years
rbraun/qtreslot.gitClang plugin to convert slot-related calls to Qt5 variantsRichard Braun4 years
rbraun/school/mtx.gitOld matrix computation school workRichard Braun4 years
rbraun/school/tnt.gitOld TCP-like school projectRichard Braun7 years
rbraun/x1.gitMinimalist educational operating systemRichard Braun3 years
rbraun/x15.gitThe X15 microkernelRichard Braun22 months