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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-27Fix argument parsingJustus Winter
2013-07-20procfs: Ignore arguments for compatibility with Linux' procfs.Justus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: enable fsys_set_optionsJustus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: keep old config values if the parsing failsJustus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: fix the error handling in argp_parserSamuel Thibault
2010-09-14Use the user-provided kernel PID for uptimeJeremie Koenig
2010-09-14Add copyright noticesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Improve the interface for dircat_make_nodeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fix the handling of processes without an ownerJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Use a global ps_contextJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30netfs_server_loop never returnsJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Handle errors in mainJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a --compatible optionJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a global cmdline fileJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a fake-self option to control the self symlinkJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add --stat-mode to override the perms for [pid]/statJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add --clk-tck to set the clock unitJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30New root files: version, uptime, statJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Use libps and enhance [pid]/statJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Invent path-based inode numbersJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fuse the proclist into the root nodeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30More cleanup possibilitiesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add the list of processes as a directoryJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Implement simple directoriesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a helper module for simple regular filesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Basic infrastructureJeremie Koenig