AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-27Fix argument parsingJustus Winter
2013-07-22rootdir.c: Fix declaration of rootdir_fakeself_exists.Justus Winter
2013-07-22rootdir.c: Fix compiler warningJustus Winter
2013-07-22Makefile: add -lpthreadJustus Winter
2013-07-22Fix profile linkSamuel Thibault
2013-07-20Add the necessary infrastructure to serve passive translatorsJustus Winter
2013-07-20Fix default file ownershipJustus Winter
2013-07-20Fix procfs_node_chmodJustus Winter
2013-07-20procfs: Ignore arguments for compatibility with Linux' procfs.Justus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: enable fsys_set_optionsJustus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: keep old config values if the parsing failsJustus Winter
2013-06-29procfs: fix the error handling in argp_parserSamuel Thibault
2013-03-02Remove old hack for the "stat" permissionsPino Toscano
2013-01-12Report VM cache size in meminfoRichard Braun
2012-12-06Simple implementation of statfsPino Toscano
2012-11-27Move procfs to pthreadsRichard Braun
2012-10-19Fix procfs linkCyril Roelandt
2012-09-11Merge branch 'master' of into jkoen...Samuel Thibault
2012-09-11PID stat/status: show only the first wordPino Toscano
2012-07-12Merge jkoenig/master into master.Thomas Schwinge
2012-01-14PID stat/status: show only the file name of processesPino Toscano
2011-12-27Revert "Do not use msgport information"Samuel Thibault
2011-12-27Do not use msgport informationSamuel Thibault
2011-02-22Add Buffers and Cached to /proc/meminfoSamuel Thibault
2010-09-14Use 2 instead of 42 as the parent inode numberJeremie Koenig
2010-09-14Use the user-provided kernel PID for uptimeJeremie Koenig
2010-09-14Add copyright noticesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Update the to-do list.Jeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add some comments in rootdir.cJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add swap information to the top-level stat fileJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a PROFILE modeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fix leak in error caseJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Refresh nodes when they're read from the start.Jeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Make sure the clock never runs backwards.Jeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fix the global idle timeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Cleanup pass on process.cJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Revamp procfs_dirJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Improve the interface for dircat_make_nodeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Detect asprintf's ENOMEM in procfs.c rather than everywhereJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Make contents a char* to avoid typecasts all over the placeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Remove the unused procfs_file moduleJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fix the handling of processes without an ownerJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Use a global ps_contextJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a TODO-listJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30netfs_server_loop never returnsJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Handle errors in mainJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a --compatible optionJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a status file to process directoriesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add statm to process directoriesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add a global cmdline fileJeremie Koenig