BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
clispFix linkSamuel Thibault9 years
cross-gnu/masterStore object files in obj/* instead of src/*.obj.Thomas Schwinge10 years
cvsfs/masterFix locking according to netfs changesSamuel Thibault6 years
ddeFix warningSamuel Thibault5 months
dde_netFix warningsSamuel Thibault15 months
filterFix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault9 years
gopherfs/masterFix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault9 years
install_crosshurdinstall_crosshurd: Update to match recent changes.Thomas Schwinge9 years
libchannelFix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault9 years
libfuse/masterLook for ports_create_port for libportsPino Toscano8 years
libfuse/pinotree/fuse-improvements/masterSwitch from __thread to pthread_key_t for fuse_contextPino Toscano9 years
master* README: New file.Thomas Schwinge13 years
netio/masterFix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault9 years
nsmuxFix buildSamuel Thibault23 months
nsmux-notifyMerge branch 'nsmux' into nsmux-notifySamuel Thibault9 years
randomPrepare the random translator to be merged into the Hurd sourcesJustus Winter8 years Fix CDROM ATAPI for AHCI within rumpDamien Zammit3 years
smbfs/masterFix accessing libsmbclient librarySamuel Thibault23 months
socketioFix buildSamuel Thibault23 months
tarfs/masterMerge branch 'tarfs/master' of ssh:// Thibault23 months
user-level_pcnet32A working user-level pcnet32 driver.Zheng Da13 years