AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-03Fix buildnsmuxSamuel Thibault
2013-02-11Fix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault
2009-10-06Build system.Thomas Schwinge
2009-04-14Made nsmux wait until dynamic translators finishSergiu Ivanov
2009-04-13nsmux can shutdown all dynamic translators on exitSergiu Ivanov
2009-04-12Added dynamic translator tracking facilitiesSergiu Ivanov
2009-04-12Revert "Added dynamic translator tracking facilities"Sergiu Ivanov
2009-04-12Added dynamic translator tracking facilitiesSergiu Ivanov
2009-04-09Updated copyright yearsSergiu Ivanov
2009-03-20Shadow and proxy nodes are connected in a chainSergiu Ivanov
2009-03-06Added node typesSergiu Ivanov
2009-03-06Added proxy nodes in the dynamic translator stackSergiu Ivanov
2009-02-20Dynamic translator stacks are set in series of retriesSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-30Adapted node_set_translator to setting translators on shadow nodesSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-29Made nsmux able to pass retries to the clientSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-29Added the function to create proxy nodes for portsSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-23nsmux can now correctly start one translatorSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-23Adapted node_set_translators to shadow nodesSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-22netfs_S_dir_lookup can perform usual lookupsSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-22Added the routines for parsing magic syntaxSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-20Magic syntax handling removed from netfs_attempt_lookup_improvedSergiu Ivanov
2009-01-18Prepared struct node for stacks of shadow nodesSergiu Ivanov
2008-12-12Ports in shadow nodes are opened by the translator starting routine now.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-11-21Moved the code to GCSSergiu Ivanov
2008-11-07node_set_translators now sets multiple translators correctly.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-10Made netfs_S_file_get_translator_cntl use the untranslated version of the rea...Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-10Added the code of always looking up the untranslated real nodeSergiu Ivanov
2008-10-10Added the port to the untranslated version of the real node to the netnodeSergiu Ivanov
2008-10-10Removed the paragraph about propagating translators into directories from READMESergiu Ivanov
2008-10-10Added the code for recognizing non-root nodes to netfs_S_file_get_translator_...Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-03Copied the implementation of netfs_S_file_get_translator_cntl from libdiskfs.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-03Revert "Cloned the native implementation of netfs_S_fsys_getroot."Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-03Revert "Copied the implementation of netfs_S_file_get_translator_cntl from li...Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-01Copied the implementation of netfs_S_file_get_translator_cntl from libdiskfs.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-10-01Cloned the native implementation of netfs_S_fsys_getroot.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-09-19Added the mechanism of maintaining shadow nodes alive.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-09-07Made nsmux RWSergiu Ivanov
2008-09-07Added proxy nodes, optimized node management policySergiu Ivanov
2008-07-22Added the possibility to propagate translators onto directories. Fixed bugs.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-07-19Added the code for looking up files with names like 'file,,x'.Sergiu Ivanov
2008-07-13Copied the skeleton for mirroring a directory from filterfs.Sergiu Ivanov