AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-20Look for ports_create_port for libportslibfuse/masterPino Toscano
2013-03-30Switch from __thread to pthread_key_t for fuse_contextlibfuse/pinotree/fuse-improvements/masterPino Toscano
2013-03-24Fix context and user data handling at init timePino Toscano
2013-03-23fuse.pc: make the pthread library privatePino Toscano
2013-03-23Fix return values of some FUSE_OP_CALLPino Toscano
2013-03-23Trace FUSE_OP_CALL calls to debugPino Toscano
2013-03-23Fix readlinkPino Toscano
2013-03-23Implement the dummy fuse_invalidatePino Toscano
2013-03-23netfs utimes: use the utimens operation if presentPino Toscano
2013-03-23Bump to compatibility version 26 and compile with itPino Toscano
2013-03-23Reject compatibility versions less than 25Pino Toscano
2013-03-23Synchronize headers, examples and version script with FUSE 2.6.5Pino Toscano
2013-03-22Add a FUSE_SYMVER macroPino Toscano
2013-03-22Increase the SO VERSION to 1.0.0Pino Toscano
2013-03-22version script: export the netfs symbolsPino Toscano
2013-03-22Import the ld version script from FUSE 2.5.xPino Toscano
2013-03-22Create and use a fuse structPino Toscano
2013-03-22Remove examples for compatibility < 25Pino Toscano
2013-03-22Remove support for FUSE compatibility < 25Pino Toscano
2013-03-21Simplify installation of the "old" fuse.hPino Toscano
2013-03-21Initialize correctly new netnode instancesPino Toscano
2013-03-19One more .gitignore filePino Toscano
2013-03-19Convert .cvsignore files to .gitignorePino Toscano
2013-02-11Fix build against libpthreadSamuel Thibault
2012-04-15Provide a fuse_main functionSamuel Thibault
2012-04-05Refer to the latest 2.5 releaseSamuel Thibault
2012-04-04Expose the FUSE API version, not our own versionSamuel Thibault
2006-08-07ignore fsname fuse optionStefan Siegl
2006-08-07install fuse_opt.h and fuse_common.h along with the other header filesStefan Siegl
2006-08-05netfs_attempt_syncfs is called with cred==NULL on filesystem shutdown, change...Stefan Siegl
2006-08-05changed hashing algo to use some prime magic, fixed routines to use unsigned ...Stefan Siegl
2006-08-04we want cthreads of courseStefan Siegl
2006-08-04added support for libfuse 2.5 apiStefan Siegl
2006-08-04added -f switch, to force foreground operation, unless started using settransStefan Siegl
2006-08-04added support for fuse contexts, including fuse_get_context functionStefan Siegl
2006-08-03added fuse_exit and fuse_exited stubs, actually we don't support them, theref...Stefan Siegl
2006-08-03call open and release callbacks on read/write even in fuse_ops_compat2 modeStefan Siegl
2006-08-01If started without using settrans but with the mountpoint as first argument,Stefan Siegl
2006-04-14viewcvs url changedStefan Siegl
2006-04-13pulled in headers from fuse 2.5.3 and added examples. fuse_ops variable renam...Stefan Siegl
2006-04-13little script to test every hello-translator from the example directories in ...Stefan Siegl
2006-04-13provide /include/fuse.h header file for compatibility reasons (quite like GNU...Stefan Siegl
2006-04-13split fuse_loop_mt into fuse_loop_mt_proc and fuse_process_cmd, to make the l...Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30Makefiles adjusted because of file movements (new include and src directory)Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30configure example-24 directory as well.Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30moved headers into new include/ directory, sources moved into new src/ direct...Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30updated.Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30*** empty log message ***Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30fuse-2.4 examples added.Stefan Siegl
2006-01-30new email addressStefan Siegl