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Update the to-do list.
* TODO: Add more entries.
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-* Threads in /proc/[pid]/task/[n]
+Known bugs to be fixed
+* The non-owned processes sometimes show up with INT_MAX as their owner,
+ instead of opt_anon_uid. This is likely to be a libps problem.
+Improvements and new features
+* There is a lot of dynamic memory allocation going on and it comes with a
+ cost in performance. We could try to limit such allocation, as long as it
+ keeps the inner interface simple and preserves the read/readdir semantics
+ (performance is probably not critical for a proc filesystem.)
+ One way would be to add an (optional) "needed_length" field to
+ procfs_node_ops, and arrange to pass a sufficent buffer in (*contents,
+ *contents_len) when get_contents is called. Then the user-provided buffer
+ might be used directly under some circumstances.
+* Add thread directories as [pid]/task/[n]. This shouldn't be too hard if we
+ use "process" nodes for threads, and provide an "exists" hook for the "task"
+ entry itself so that it's disabled in thread nodes. It might prove necessary
+ to have "optional" libps flags for some content generators, though, since
+ some of them might be missing for threads.