AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-18Update version.h and include/features.h for 2.23 releaseglibc-2.23Adhemerval Zanella
2016-02-18Update NEWS with fixed bugs for 2.23 releaseAdhemerval Zanella
2016-02-18Add _STRING_INLINE_unaligned and string_private.hH.J. Lu
2016-02-18NEWS: List additional fixed security bugsFlorian Weimer
2016-02-17Use PIC relocation in ALIAS_IMPLAndrew Senkevich
2016-02-16CVE-2015-7547: getaddrinfo() stack-based buffer overflow (Bug 18665).Carlos O'Donell
2016-02-14Update INSTALL with latest versions tested to work.Carlos O'Donell
2016-02-14Ensure isinff, isinfl, isnanf, and isnanl are defined (Bug 19439)Carlos O'Donell
2016-02-12Revert "ChangeLogs: convert to utf-8"Mike Frysinger
2016-02-12hsearch_r: Apply VM size limit in test caseFlorian Weimer
2016-02-11[ARM] add missing -funwind-tables to test case (bug 19529)Szabolcs Nagy
2016-02-08ChangeLogs: convert to utf-8Paul Eggert
2016-02-08localedata: convert all files to utf-8Mike Frysinger
2016-02-04powerpc: Regenerate libm-test-ulpsRajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
2016-02-01Fix MIPS mmap negative offset handling for consistency (bug 19550).Joseph Myers
2016-01-31Revert "elf/elf.h: Add new 386 and X86_64 relocations from binutils."Mark Wielaard
2016-01-31elf/elf.h: Add new 386 and X86_64 relocations from binutils.Mark Wielaard
2016-01-28Improve check against integer wraparound in hcreate_r [BZ #18240]Florian Weimer
2016-01-28Fix MIPS64 memcpy regression.Steve Ellcey
2016-01-27Remove unused variablesAndreas Schwab
2016-01-26Update for 32-bit sparc.David S. Miller
2016-01-25Define __sqrtl_finite on sparc 32-bit with correct symbol version.David S. Miller
2016-01-25Adjust sparc 32-bit __sqrtl_finite version tag.David S. Miller
2016-01-25Update Alpha libm-test-ulpsRichard Henderson
2016-01-25Don't do lock elision on an error checking mutex (bug 17514)Andreas Schwab
2016-01-25Cleanup ppc bits/ipc.hPaul E. Murphy
2016-01-25S390: Fix build failure in test string/tst-endian.c with gcc 6.Stefan Liebler
2016-01-24Fix missing __sqrtl_finite symbol in libm on sparc 32-bit.David S. Miller
2016-01-24Update sparc ULPS.David S. Miller
2016-01-25MIPS: Set the required Linux kernel version to 4.5.0 for 2008 NaNMaciej W. Rozycki
2016-01-22Fix nptl/tst-setuid3.cPaul E. Murphy
2016-01-22powerpc: Fix macro usage of htm builtinsPaul E. Murphy
2016-01-21Maintainence patch for nios2: update ULPS file and changes.Chung-Lin Tang
2016-01-21Silence some false positive warnings for gcc 4.7Chris Metcalf
2016-01-20NaCl: Fix unused variable errors in lowlevellock-futex.h macros.Roland McGrath
2016-01-202016-01-20 Paul Pluzhnikov <>Paul Pluzhnikov
2016-01-20Fix __finitel libm compat symbol version.Joseph Myers
2016-01-20Update for powerpc-nofpu.Joseph Myers
2016-01-20S390: Fix build error in iconvdata/bug-iconv11.c.Stefan Liebler
2016-01-19Fix ulps regeneration for *-finite tests.Joseph Myers
2016-01-19Fixed build with assembler w/o AVX-512 support.Andrew Senkevich
2016-01-19S390: Regenerate ULPsStefan Liebler
2016-01-18Regenerate MIPS libm-test-ulps.Joseph Myers
2016-01-18Regenerate powerpc-nofpu libm-test-ulps.Joseph Myers
2016-01-18Regenerate ARM libm-test-ulps.Joseph Myers
2016-01-18[BZ #19451]Paul Pluzhnikov
2016-01-18S/390: Do not raise inexact exception in lrint/lround. [BZ #19486]Stefan Liebler
2016-01-17configure: make the unsupported error message less hostileMike Frysinger
2016-01-16Fixed typos in __memcpy_chk.Andrew Senkevich
2016-01-16sparc: mman.h: fix bad comment insertionMike Frysinger