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The GNU C Library
================= The GNU C Library version 2.23 is now available. The GNU C Library is used as *the* C library in the GNU system and in GNU/Linux systems, as well as many other systems that use Linux as the kernel. The GNU C Library is primarily designed to be a portable and high performance C library. It follows all relevant standards including ISO C11 and POSIX.1-2008. It is also internationalized and has one of the most complete internationalization interfaces known. The GNU C Library webpage is at Packages for the 2.23 release may be downloaded from: The mirror list is at NEWS for version 2.23 ===================== * Unicode 8.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 8.0.0, using new and/or improved generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat). These updates cause user visible changes, such as the fixes for bugs 89, 16061, and 18568. * sched_setaffinity, pthread_setaffinity_np no longer attempt to guess the kernel-internal CPU set size. This means that requests that change the CPU affinity which failed before (for example, an all-ones CPU mask) will now succeed. Applications that need to determine the effective CPU affinities need to call sched_getaffinity or pthread_getaffinity_np after setting it because the kernel can adjust it (and the previous size check would not detect this in the majority of cases). * The fts.h header can now be used with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64. With LFS the following new symbols are used: fts64_children, fts64_close, fts64_open, fts64_read and fts64_set. * getaddrinfo now detects certain invalid responses on an internal netlink socket. If such responses are received, an affected process will terminate with an error message of "Unexpected error <number> on netlink descriptor <number>" or "Unexpected netlink response of size <number> on descriptor <number>". The most likely cause for these errors is a multi-threaded application which erroneously closes and reuses the netlink file descriptor while it is used by getaddrinfo. * A defect in the malloc implementation, present since glibc 2.15 (2012) or glibc 2.10 via --enable-experimental-malloc (2009), could result in the unnecessary serialization of memory allocation requests across threads. The defect is now corrected. Users should see a substantial increase in the concurent throughput of allocation requests for applications which trigger this bug. Affected applications typically create create and destroy threads frequently. (Bug 19048 was reported and analyzed by Ericsson.) * There is now a --disable-timezone-tools configure option for disabling the building and installing of the timezone related utilities (zic, zdump, and tzselect). This is useful for people who build the timezone data and code independent of the GNU C Library. * The obsolete header <regexp.h> has been removed. Programs that require this header must be updated to use <regex.h> instead. * The obsolete functions bdflush, create_module, get_kernel_syms, query_module and uselib are no longer available to newly linked binaries; the header <sys/kdaemon.h> has been removed. These functions and header were specific to systems using the Linux kernel and could not usefully be used with the GNU C Library on systems with version 2.6 or later of the Linux kernel. * Optimized string, wcsmbs and memory functions for IBM z13. Implemented by Stefan Liebler. * Newly linked programs that define a variable called signgam will no longer have it set by the lgamma, lgammaf and lgammal functions. Programs that require signgam to be set by those functions must ensure that they use the variable provided by the GNU C Library and declared in <math.h>, without defining their own copy. * The minimum GCC version that can be used to build this version of the GNU C Library is GCC 4.7. Older GCC versions, and non-GNU compilers, can still be used to compile programs using the GNU C Library. Security related changes: * An out-of-bounds value in a broken-out struct tm argument to strftime no longer causes a crash. Reported by Adam Nielsen. (CVE-2015-8776) * The LD_POINTER_GUARD environment variable can no longer be used to disable the pointer guard feature. It is always enabled. Previously, LD_POINTER_GUARD could be used to disable security hardening in binaries running in privileged AT_SECURE mode. Reported by Hector Marco-Gisbert. (CVE-2015-8777) * An integer overflow in hcreate and hcreate_r could lead to an out-of-bounds memory access. Reported by Szabolcs Nagy. (CVE-2015-8778) * The catopen function no longer has unbounded stack usage. Reported by Max. (CVE-2015-8779) * The nan, nanf and nanl functions no longer have unbounded stack usage depending on the length of the string passed as an argument to the functions. Reported by Joseph Myers. (CVE-2014-9761) * A stack-based buffer overflow was found in libresolv when invoked from libnss_dns, allowing specially crafted DNS responses to seize control of execution flow in the DNS client. The buffer overflow occurs in the functions send_dg (send datagram) and send_vc (send TCP) for the NSS module when calling getaddrinfo with AF_UNSPEC family. The use of AF_UNSPEC triggers the low-level resolver code to send out two parallel queries for A and AAAA. A mismanagement of the buffers used for those queries could result in the response of a query writing beyond the alloca allocated buffer created by _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r. Buffer management is simplified to remove the overflow. Thanks to the Google Security Team and Red Hat for reporting the security impact of this issue, and Robert Holiday of Ciena for reporting the related bug 18665. (CVE-2015-7547) The following bugs are resolved with this release: [89] localedata: Locales nb_NO and nn_NO should transliterate æøå [887] math: Math library function "logb" and "nextafter" inconsistent [2542] math: Incorrect return from float gamma (-0X1.FA471547C2FE5P+1) [2543] math: Incorrect return from float gamma (-0X1.9260DCP+1) [2558] math: Incorrect return from double gamma (-0X1.FA471547C2FE5P+1) [2898] libc: [improve] warning: the use of `mktemp' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp' [4404] localedata: German translation of "Alarm clock" is misleading [6799] math: nextafter() and nexttoward() doen't set errno on overflow/underflow errors [6803] math: scalb(), scalbln(), scalbn() do not set errno on overflow/underflow [10432] nis: _nss_nis_setnetgrent assertion failure [11460] libc: fts has no LFS support [12926] network: getaddrinfo()/make_request() may spin forever [13065] nptl: Race condition in pthread barriers [13690] nptl: pthread_mutex_unlock potentially cause invalid access [14341] dynamic-link: Dynamic linker crash when DT_JMPREL and DT_REL{,A} are not contiguous [14551] math: [ldbl-128ibm] strtold overflow handling for IBM long double [14912] libc: Rename non-installed bits/*.h headers [15002] libc: Avoid undefined behavior in posix_fallocate overflow check [15367] math: Let gcc use __builtin_isinf [15384] math: One constant fewer in ieee754/dbl-64/wordsize-64/s_finite.c [15421] math: lgamma wrongly sets signgam for ISO C [15470] math: [arm] On ARM llrintl() and llroundl() do not raise FE_INVALID with argument out of range [15491] math: [i386/x86_64] x86 nearbyint implementations wrongly clear all exceptions [15786] dynamic-link: ifunc resolver functions can smash function arguments [15918] math: Unnecessary check for equality in hypotf() [16061] localedata: Review / update transliteration data [16068] math: [i386/x86_64] x86 and x86_64 fesetenv exclude state they should include [16141] time: strptime %z offset restriction [16171] math: drem should be alias of remainder [16296] math: fegetround is pure? [16347] math: [ldbl-128ibm] ldbl-128/e_lgammal_r.c may not be suitable. [16364] libc: sleep may leave SIGCHLD blocked on sync cancellation on GNU/Linux [16399] math: [mips] lrint / llrint / lround / llround missing exceptions [16415] math: Clean up ldbl-128 / ldbl-128ibm expm1l for large positive arguments [16422] math: [powerpc] math-float, math-double failing llrint tests with "Exception "Inexact" set" on ppc32 [16495] localedata: nl_NL: date_fmt: shuffle year/month around [16517] math: Missing underflow exception from tanf/tan/tanl [16519] math: Missing underflow exception from sinhf [16520] math: Missing underflow exception from tanhf [16521] math: Missing underflow exception from exp2 [16620] math: [ldbl-128ibm] exp10l spurious overflows / bad directed rounding results [16734] stdio: fopen calls mmap to allocate its buffer [16961] math: nan function incorrect handling of bad sequences [16962] math: nan function unbounded stack allocation (CVE-2014-9761) [16973] localedata: Fix lang_lib/lang_term as per ISO 639-2 [16985] locale: localedef: confusing error message when opening output fails [17118] math: ctanh(INFINITY + 2 * I) returns incorrect value [17197] locale: Redundant shift character in iconv conversion output at block boundary [17243] libc: trunk/posix/execl.c:53: va_args problem ? [17244] libc: trunk/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/semctl.c:116: va_args muxup ? [17250] dynamic-link: static linking breaks nss loading (getaddrinfo/getpwnam/etc...) [17404] libc: atomic_exchange_rel lacking a barrier on MIPS16, GCC before 4.7? [17441] math: isnan() should use __builtin_isnan() in GCC [17514] nptl: Assert failure unlocking ERRORCHECK mutex after timedlock (related to lock elision) [17787] manual: Exponent on page 324 of the PDF ends prematurely [17886] time: strptime should be able to parse "Z" as a timezone with %z [17887] time: strptime should be able to parse "+01:00" style timezones [17905] libc: catopen() Multiple unbounded stack allocations (CVE-2015-8779) [18084] libc: backtrace (..., 0) dumps core on x86 [18086] libc: nice() sets errno to 0 on success [18240] libc: hcreate, hcreate_r should fail with ENOMEM if element count is too large (CVE-2015-8778) [18251] dynamic-link: SONAME missing when audit modules provides path [18265] libc: add attributes for wchar string and memory functions [18370] math: csqrt missing underflows [18421] libc: [hppa] read-only segment has dynamic relocations [18472] libc: Obsolete syscall wrappers should be compat symbols [18480] libc: hppa glibc miscompilation in sched_setaffinity() [18491] localedata: Update tr_TR LC_CTYPE as part of Unicode updates [18525] localedata: Remove locale timezone information [18560] libc: [powerpc] spurious bits/ipc.h definitions [18568] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 8.0 [18589] locale: fails at random [18595] math: ctan, ctanh missing underflows [18604] libc: assert macro-expands its argument [18610] math: S390: fetestexcept() reports any exception if DXC-code contains a vector instruction exception. [18611] math: j1, jn missing errno setting on underflow [18618] localedata: sync Chechen locale definitions with other *_RU locales [18647] math: powf(-0x1.000002p0, 0x1p30) returns 0 instead of +inf [18661] libc: Some x86-64 assembly codes don't align stack to 16 bytes [18665] network: In send_dg, the recvfrom function is NOT always using the buffer size of a newly created buffer (CVE-2015-7547) [18674] libc: [i386] trunk/sysdeps/i386/tst-auditmod3b.c:84: possible missing break ? [18675] libc: fpathconf(_PC_NAME_MAX) fails against large filesystems for 32bit processes [18681] libc: regexp.h is obsolete and buggy, and should be desupported [18699] math: tilegx cproj() for various complex infinities does not yield infinity [18724] libc: Harden put*ent functions against data injection [18743] nptl: PowerPC: findutils testcase fails with --enable-lock-elision [18755] build: build errors with -DNDEBUG [18757] stdio: fmemopen fails to set errno on failure [18778] dynamic-link: crashes if failed dlopen causes libpthread to be forced unloaded [18781] libc: openat64 lacks O_LARGEFILE [18787] libc: [hppa] sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/bits/atomic.h:71:6: error: can’t find a register in class ‘R1_REGS’ while reloading ‘asm’ [18789] math: [ldbl-128ibm] sinhl inaccurate near 0 [18790] math: [ldbl-128ibm] tanhl inaccurate [18795] libc: stpncpy fortification misses buffer lengths that are statically too large [18796] build: build fails for --disable-mathvec [18803] math: hypot missing underflows [18820] stdio: fmemopen may leak memory on failure [18823] math: csqrt spurious underflows [18824] math: fma spurious underflows [18825] math: pow missing underflows [18857] math: [ldbl-128ibm] nearbyintl wrongly uses signaling comparisons [18868] nptl: pthread_barrier_init typo has in-theory-undefined behavior [18870] build: sem_open.c fails to compile with missing symbol FUTEX_SHARED [18872] stdio: Fix memory leak in printf_positional [18873] libc: posix_fallocate overflow check ineffective [18875] math: Excess precision leads incorrect libm [18877] libc: arm: mmap offset regression [18887] libc: memory corruption when using getmntent on blank lines [18918] localedata: hu_HU: change time to HH:MM:SS format [18921] libc: Regression: extraneous stat() and fstat() performed by opendir() [18928] dynamic-link: LD_POINTER_GUARD is not ignored for privileged binaries (CVE-2015-8777) [18951] math: tgamma missing underflows [18952] math: [ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm] lgammal spurious "invalid", incorrect signgam [18953] localedata: lt_LT: change currency symbol to the euro [18956] math: powf inaccuracy [18961] math: [i386] exp missing underflows [18966] math: [i386] exp10 missing underflows [18967] math: math.h XSI POSIX namespace (gamma, isnan, scalb) [18969] build: multiple string test failures due to missing locale dependencies [18970] libc: Reference of pthread_setcancelstate in libc.a [18977] math: float / long double Bessel functions not in XSI POSIX [18980] math: i386 libm functions return with excess range and precision [18981] math: i386 scalb*, ldexp return with excess range and precision [18982] stdio: va_list and vprintf [18985] time: Passing out of range data to strftime() causes a segfault (CVE-2015-8776) [19003] math: [x86_64] fma4 version of pow inappropriate contraction [19007] libc: FAIL: elf/check-localplt with -z now and binutils 2.26 [19012] locale: iconv_open leaks memory on error path [19016] math: clog, clog10 inaccuracy [19018] nptl: Mangle function pointers in tls_dtor_list [19032] math: [i386] acosh (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception [19046] math: ldbl-128 / ldbl-128ibm lgamma bad overflow handling [19048] malloc: malloc: arena free list can become cyclic, increasing contention [19049] math: [powerpc] erfc incorrect zero sign [19050] math: [powerpc] log* incorrect zero sign [19058] math: [x86_64] Link fail with -fopenmp and -flto [19059] math: nexttoward overflow incorrect in non-default rounding modes [19071] math: ldbl-96 lroundl incorrect just below powers of 2 [19074] network: Data race in _res_hconf_reorder_addrs [19076] math: [ldbl-128ibm] log1pl (-1) wrong sign of infinity [19077] math: [ldbl-128ibm] logl (1) incorrect sign of zero result [19078] math: [ldbl-128ibm] expl overflow incorrect in non-default rounding modes [19079] math: dbl-64/wordsize-64 lround based on llround incorrect for ILP32 [19085] math: ldbl-128 lrintl, lroundl missing exceptions for 32-bit long [19086] manual: posix_fallocate64 documented argument order is wrong. [19088] math: lround, llround missing exceptions close to overflow threshold [19094] math: lrint, llrint missing exceptions close to overflow threshold [19095] math: dbl-64 lrint incorrect for 64-bit long [19122] dynamic-link: Unnecessary PLT relocations in librtld.os [19124] dynamic-link: failed to build with older assmebler [19125] math: [powerpc32] llroundf, llround incorrect exceptions [19129] dynamic-link: [arm] Concurrent lazy TLSDESC resolution can crash [19134] math: [powerpc32] lround, lroundf spurious exceptions [19137] libc: i386/epoll_pwait.S doesn't support cancellation [19143] nptl: Remove CPU set size checking from sched_setaffinity, pthread_setaffinity_np [19156] math: [ldbl-128] j0l spurious underflows [19164] nptl: tst-getcpu fails with many possible CPUs [19168] math: math/test-ildoubl and math/test-ldouble failure [19174] nptl: PowerPC: TLE enabled pthread mutex performs poorly. [19178] dynamic-link: ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_EXTERN_PROTECTED_DATA confuses prelink [19181] math: [i386/x86_64] fesetenv (FE_DFL_ENV), fesetenv (FE_NOMASK_ENV) do not clear SSE exceptions [19182] malloc: malloc deadlock between ptmalloc_lock_all and _int_new_arena/reused_arena [19189] math: [ldbl-128] log1pl (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception [19201] math: dbl-64 remainder incorrect sign of zero result [19205] math: bits/math-finite.h conditions do not match math.h and bits/mathcalls.h [19209] math: bits/math-finite.h wrongly maps ldexp to scalbn [19211] math: lgamma functions do not set signgam for -ffinite-math-only for C99-based standards [19212] libc: features.h not -Wundef clean [19213] math: [i386/x86_64] log* (1) incorrect zero sign for -ffinite- math-only [19214] libc: Family and model identification for AMD CPU's are incorrect. [19219] libc: GLIBC build fails for ia64 with missing __nearbyintl [19228] math: [powerpc] nearbyint wrongly clears "inexact", leaves traps disabled [19235] math: [powerpc64] lround, lroundf, llround, llroundf spurious "inexact" exceptions [19238] math: [powerpc] round, roundf spurious "inexact" for integer arguments [19242] libc: strtol incorrect in Turkish locales [19243] malloc: reused_arena can pick an arena on the free list, leading to an assertion failure and reference count corruption [19253] time: tzset() ineffective when temporary TZ did not include DST rules [19266] math: strtod ("NAN(I)") incorrect in Turkish locales [19270] math: [hppa] Shared libm missing __isnanl [19285] libc: [hppa] sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/bits/mman.h: missing MAP_HUGETLB and MAP_STACK defines [19313] nptl: Wrong __cpu_mask for x32 [19347] libc: grantpt: try to force a specific gid even without pt_chown [19349] math: [ldbl-128ibm] tanhl inaccurate for small arguments [19350] math: [ldbl-128ibm] sinhl spurious overflows [19351] math: [ldbl-128ibm] logl inaccurate near 1 [19363] time: x32: times() return value wrongly truncates/sign extends from 32bit [19367] dynamic-link: Improve branch prediction on Silvermont [19369] network: Default domain name not reset by res_ninit when "search" / "domain" entry is removed from resolv.conf [19375] math: powerpc: incorrect results for POWER7 logb with negative subnormals [19385] localedata: bg_BG: time separator should be colon, not comma [19408] libc: linux personality syscall wrapper may erroneously return an error on 32-bit architectures [19415] libc: dladdr returns wrong names on hppa [19432] libc: iconv rejects redundant escape sequences in IBM900, IBM903, IBM905, IBM907, and IBM909 [19439] math: Unix98 isinf and isnan functions conflict with C++11 [19443] build: build failures with -DDEBUG [19451] build: Make check fails on test-double-vlen2 [19462] libc: Glibc failed to build with -Os [19465] math: Wrong code with -Os [19466] time: time/tst-mktime2.c is compiled into an infinite loop with -Os [19467] string: Fast_Unaligned_Load needs to be enabled for Excavator core CPU's. [19475] libc: Glibc 2.22 doesn't build on sparc [PATCH] [19486] math: S390: Math tests fail with "Exception Inexact set". [19529] libc: [ARM]: FAIL: stdlib/tst-makecontext [19550] libc: [mips] mmap negative offset handling inconsistent with other architectures [19590] math: Fail to build shared objects that use functions. Contributors ============ This release was made possible by the contributions of many people. The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed changes or bug reports. These include: Adhemerval Zanella Alan Modra Amit Pawar Andreas Schwab Andrew Bennett Andrew Senkevich Andrew Stubbs Anton Blanchard Arjun Shankar Arslanbek Astemirov Aurelien Jarno Brett Neumeier Carlos Eduardo Seo Carlos O'Donell Chris Metcalf Chung-Lin Tang Damyan Ivanov Daniel Marjamäki David Kastrup David Lamparter David S. Miller Dmitry V. Levin Egmont Koblinger Evert Flavio Cruz Florian Weimer Gabriel F. T. Gomes Geoffrey Thomas Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy Gunnar Hjalmarsson H.J. Lu Helge Deller James Perkins John David Anglin Joseph Myers Justus Winter Khem Raj Ludovic Courtès Maciej W. Rozycki Manolis Ragkousis Marcin Kościelnicki Mark Wielaard Marko Myllynen Martin Sebor Maxim Ostapenko Mike FABIAN Mike Frysinger Namhyung Kim Ondrej Bilka Ondřej Bílka Paul E. Murphy Paul Eggert Paul Murphy Paul Pluzhnikov Petar Jovanovic Phil Blundell Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan Rasmus Villemoes Richard Henderson Rob Wu Roland McGrath Samuel Thibault Siddhesh Poyarekar Stan Shebs Stefan Liebler Steve Ellcey Szabolcs Nagy Thomas Schwinge Torvald Riegel Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho Vincent Bernat Wilco Dijkstra Zack Weinberg -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABCAAGBQJWxgfKAAoJEPpQRMoru+a1Hj0P/0urXX1af98BQBApibOYj0E9 j1hQT0+WFrCSY45kjZY8uHwhbW0IkR5zztnUVMJ0dFM67tnIiKArxF6hS6qSef/c 7q1xeVdiEj4RpiZYeiYB2OKEXr09FAMC91Htn9pFQXeiePkcIDSXZ4WNsOSbJwAI 8eWh4/Q5MZMEreFIKJxI3LJQQAzBjXtpT7WNp0yawMDajX3mqAc011Xqq0aNL8a3 Uh5Y7dw7LfyvNHdEOaXnOX9CPdflKK86vHLBEWIksMN8Igd+2fAs9nIGw0gPJ+25 gLxnss4jvb2svS0hnsneFsR1E+Ro3f81DBEf9I96kH+uhsquoUts34HvBIZPsqNZ emdWLxwjUKv27cNeK86H2RvRMUKf10UayIOaYBB8cUMfq/FRvqSH6GwTMBtKUeEC Pgs/wclmyg1ZFHPdHppNYAF8p4HCkkwNduTA6xUpOjL72Tn7yh4nwK3hX9nu9osU yh1F7UqAnm/yJAeGcQZSa9PMg2fuGWc1YycCkYDAMDl2qTNXG5xMlut5HySxDysE SPCmi+JzgP8JCOb4NZ+31vNUR60t+FXACmTCqFp9bs6xoUZnY9RMNAEBStFXWrev w+8WlHC8dYjSJnjcHyGyx0CSqLfCodT0gW1zg8+EDv7EXnAwvWLGKdcKvl2tpkwg J46W6DhHwprOjfQQ0dyn =Zx43 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----