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+Steve's quick list of things that need finishing off:
+[they are in no particular order and range from the trivial to the long winded]
+ o Proper timeouts on each neighbour (in routing mode) rather than
+ just the 60 second On-Ethernet cache value.
+ o Support for X.25 linklayer
+ o Support for DDCMP link layer
+ o The DDCMP device itself
+ o PPP support (rfc1762)
+ o Lots of testing with real applications
+ o Verify errors etc. against POSIX 1003.1g (draft)
+ o Using send/recvmsg() to get at connect/disconnect data (POSIX 1003.1g)
+ [maybe this should be done at socket level... the control data in the
+ send/recvmsg() calls should simply be a vector of set/getsockopt()
+ calls]
+ o check MSG_CTRUNC is set where it should be.
+ o Find all the commonality between DECnet and IPv4 routing code and extract
+ it into a small library of routines. [probably a project for 2.7.xx]
+ o Add perfect socket hashing - an idea suggested by Paul Koning. Currently
+ we have a half-way house scheme which seems to work reasonably well, but
+ the full scheme is still worth implementing, its not not top of my list
+ right now.
+ o Add session control message flow control
+ o Add NSP message flow control
+ o DECnet sendpages() function
+ o AIO for DECnet