BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
net-nextDebug register accessesNoe Rubinstein11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-28Debug register accessesnet-nextNoe Rubinstein
2012-02-16net: e1000: Add support for Intel EP80579 and some OEM physNoe Rubinstein
2012-02-09net: e1000: Add support for Intel EP80579's GCUNoe Rubinstein
2012-02-09igb: fix warning about unused functionEmil Tantilov
2012-02-09e1000e: replace '1' with 'true' for boolean get_link_statusBruce Allan
2012-02-09e1000e: pass pointer to hw struct for e1000_init_mac_params_XXX()Bruce Allan
2012-02-09e1000e: use true/false for bool autoneg_falseBruce Allan
2012-02-09e1000e: remove unnecessary parenthesesBruce Allan
2012-02-09e1000e: remove unnecessary returns from void functionsBruce Allan
2012-02-09e1000e: remove test that is always falseBruce Allan