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2011-01-20LicensesNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-20miscNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-24update TDM driver with xilun's changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-04comment what last FALSE parms are in icp_HssAccChannelConfigure() callGuillaume Knispel
2010-11-04only call the port0_started callback if it's really the port0 that has been ↵Guillaume Knispel
2010-10-19trying to get a better soundGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-19added a new (very very low quality way) to propagate audioGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-17only KERN_DEBUG on ICP_STATUS_OVERFLOW in xivo_tdm_deferred_transmit (else ↵Guillaume Knispel
still KERN_ERR)
2010-10-17add TDM config ID for Le89316Guillaume Knispel
2010-10-17add some audio for XHFCGuillaume Knispel