AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-06actually, it didn't work, but does nowbasic_pagingRichard Braun
2013-07-06page fault handling works !Richard Braun
2013-07-06another set of small structural changesRichard Braun
2013-07-06update kernel testRichard Braun
2013-07-06entry lookupRichard Braun
2013-07-06x86 page fault handlingRichard Braun
2013-07-06vm/vm_map: fix map entry mergingRichard Braun
2013-07-06a bit more but unfinishedRichard Braun
2013-07-06Initial object implementationRichard Braun
2013-07-06x86/pmap: use per processor mappings to zero pagesRichard Braun
2013-07-06x86/pmap: rework temporary mappingsRichard Braun
2013-07-05kern/rdxtree: specify tree as const when looking upRichard Braun
2013-07-05kern/work: update rdxtree calls for 64-bit keysRichard Braun
2013-07-05kern/rdxtree: use 64-bit keysRichard Braun
2013-07-05kern/rdxtree: minor comment updatesRichard Braun
2013-07-05kern/rdxtree: change definition of rdxtree_bm_tRichard Braun
2013-07-05x86/biosmem: don't load physically unreachable memoryRichard Braun
2013-07-05x86/cpu: obtain physical/virtual address widthsRichard Braun
2013-07-03x86/pmap: new pmap_enter functionRichard Braun
2013-07-03vm/vm_kmem: fix mention to multiple kernel mapsRichard Braun
2013-07-03x86/pmap: change pmap_kenter to pass protectionRichard Braun
2013-07-02kern/macros: fix structofRichard Braun
2013-07-02x86/pmap: use per processor data for TLB updatesRichard Braun
2013-07-01x86/pmap: improve TLB invalidationRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/pmap: simplify pmap_kgrowRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/pmap: improve TLB range flushesRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/cpu: new cpu_tlb_flush_all functionRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/pmap: replace pmap_kupdate with pmap_updateRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/pmap: replace pmap_kextract with pmap_extractRichard Braun
2013-06-28x86/pmap: replace pmap_kprotect with pmap_protectRichard Braun
2013-06-15vm/vm_map: rework flagsRichard Braun
2013-06-15vm/vm_map: advice macros updateRichard Braun
2013-06-15vm/vm_map: fix typoRichard Braun
2013-06-14vm/vm_setup: declare vm_setup as an init functionRichard Braun
2013-06-14kern/llsync: rename read-side critical section functionsRichard Braun
2013-06-14vm/vm_map: fix map entry mergingRichard Braun
2013-06-10kern/work: fix radix tree usageRichard Braun
2013-06-09kern/rdxtree: use a constructor for internal nodesRichard Braun
2013-06-09kern/kmem: rename constructor typeRichard Braun
2013-06-09kern/kmem: fix object construction bugRichard Braun
2013-06-09kern/work: use a radix tree for worker ID allocationRichard Braun
2013-06-09kern/rdxtree: new moduleRichard Braun
2013-06-04x86/{cpu,tcb}: move scheduling interrupts handlingRichard Braun
2013-06-03kern/llsync: use the work module for deferred processingRichard Braun
2013-06-03kern/work: new moduleRichard Braun
2013-06-03x86/tcb: new tcb_trace functionRichard Braun
2013-06-03kern/task: include thread addresses in the outputRichard Braun
2013-06-03kern/thread: fix thread creationRichard Braun
2013-06-02kern/kmem: fix locking error in kmem_cache_freeRichard Braun
2013-06-01kern/thread: update creation attributes handlingRichard Braun