AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-19kern/thread: fix typoHEADmasterRichard Braun
2019-08-16kern/thread: rename thread_boot_barrierRichard Braun
2019-08-16x86/latomic: fix latomic_x86_enter and latomic_x86_leaveRichard Braun
2019-08-16kern/latomic: implement fences as atomic signal fencesRichard Braun
2019-07-11kern/types: add TODO entry about cpu_flags_tRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/sref: remove left-over macroRichard Braun
2019-06-08vm/vm_map: fix vm_map_infoRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/log: add printf-specific warnings to log_printf_fn_tRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/sref: track epoch durationsRichard Braun
2019-06-05kern/sref: reduce minimum epoch durationRichard Braun
2019-05-29kern/sref: schedule noref works with a high priorityRichard Braun
2019-05-29kern/sref: fix when to process review queuesRichard Braun
2019-05-28kern/sref: add optional debuggingRichard Braun
2019-05-26kern/log: fix bulletin publicationRichard Braun
2019-05-22Add a log print function type for information reportingRichard Braun
2019-05-19kern/{log,shell}: use a bulletin for initial log dump notificationRichard Braun
2019-05-19test/test_sref_noref: fix naming, reduce number of loopsRichard Braun
2019-05-19kern/sref: reworkRichard Braun
2019-05-05kern/log: fix log writesRichard Braun
2019-05-05kern/timer: fix high priority work scheduling flagsRichard Braun
2019-04-24kern/log: rework with a message bufferRichard Braun
2019-04-24kern/mbuf: new moduleRichard Braun
2019-04-23New EMSGSIZE error codeRichard Braun
2019-01-25kern/log: fix overrun handlingRichard Braun
2019-01-17Replace "awaken" with "awoken"Richard Braun
2019-01-17kern/sleepq: fix wake-up chainingRichard Braun
2019-01-17test/test_sleepq_broadcast: new moduleRichard Braun
2019-01-10test/test_semaphore: new moduleRichard Braun
2019-01-10kern/semaphore: reworkRichard Braun
2019-01-10kern/sleepq: update acquire/lend documentationRichard Braun
2019-01-10New EOVERFLOW error codeRichard Braun
2019-01-07kern/cbuf: update from upstreamRichard Braun
2018-11-21kern/turnstile: fix assertionRichard Braun
2018-11-17kern/thread: fix suspend on dead threadsRichard Braun
2018-11-17kern/turnstile: improve commentsRichard Braun
2018-11-12x86/boot: work around an SMP-related warningRichard Braun
2018-11-12kern/rdxtree: fix warning when assertions are disabledRichard Braun
2018-11-12tools/ update compiler-related option namesRichard Braun
2018-11-05kern/thread: implement suspend/resume operationsAgustina Arzille
2018-09-28Makefile: explain the purpose of sorting initialization operationsRichard Braun
2018-09-02.gitignore: add intermediate xml asciidoc filesRichard Braun
2018-08-14tools/ generate the test set dynamicallyRichard Braun
2018-08-12kern/thread: make thread-specific data optionalRichard Braun
2018-08-12kern/mutex/mutex_plain: fix macro namesRichard Braun
2018-08-12kern/rcu: explain the need for separate work/reader window flipsRichard Braun
2018-08-04x86/cpu: fix data/stack alignmentRichard Braun
2018-08-04x86/cpu: improve low level code clarityRichard Braun
2018-07-31kern/rcu: add TODO entryRichard Braun
2018-07-30x86: use the uart0 console when testing with QEMURichard Braun
2018-07-30x86/strace: align symbol names in backtracesRichard Braun