AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-13Makefile: pass compiler flags to the linker for correct libgcc selectionqemu_netduino2Richard Braun
2018-02-18mem: fix boundary tag alignmentRichard Braun
2018-02-17thread: fix round-robin scheduling of idle priority threadsRichard Braun
2018-02-17uart: fix primask typeRichard Braun
2018-02-04mutex: fix initializationRichard Braun
2018-02-04Preprocess the linker scriptRichard Braun
2018-01-28mem: fix alignmentRichard Braun
2018-01-23Port to QEMU netduino2 (cortex-m3)Richard Braun
2018-01-21string: add memset and memcmpRichard Braun
2018-01-20Fix comments in the scriptRichard Braun
2018-01-11thread: move the yield flag and the preemption level to the run queueRichard Braun
2018-01-11cpu: fix preemption in cpu_irq_registerRichard Braun
2018-01-11fmt,macros: update from upstreamRichard Braun
2018-01-06string: fix strcmp and strncmpGuillaume Knispel
2018-01-05Version 1.0v1.0Richard Braun
2018-01-05cpu: discuss the stack on interrupt handlingRichard Braun
2018-01-05cpu: fix comment about loading the code segment registerRichard Braun
2018-01-05sw: fix name of shell commands arrayRichard Braun
2018-01-05sw: use the SHELL_REGISTER_CMDS macroRichard Braun
2018-01-05errno: replace EIO with ENOENTRichard Braun
2018-01-05error: remove and use standard errno codes insteadRichard Braun
2018-01-04list: update from upstreamRichard Braun
2018-01-04cpu: remove unused macroRichard Braun
2018-01-04thread: discuss compiler barriersRichard Braun
2018-01-04Initial commitRichard Braun