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1997-03-17update from main archive 970316glibc-2.0.4cvs/libc20x-970417cvs/libc20x-970404cvs/libc20x-970319cvs/libc20x-970318cvs/libc20x-970316cvs/libc20x-97031cvs/glibc-2_0_4Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add handling of correct stat structureUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17m68k specific infinity valuesUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17ix87 specific infinity valuesUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17regex test suiteUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17(recursive): Return rp to caller.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Update from tzcode1997c.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Don't use incompatible kernel header.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add PF_FILE as synonym for PF_LOCAL and AF_FILE as synonym forUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17(struct stat): Change definition to use prescribed types for elements.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add copyright.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17 [__USE_GNU]: Add O_READ, O_WRITE and O_NORW.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add kernel_stat.h.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Don't copy whole `struct dirent' record, only reclen bytes.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Update copyright.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Update copyright.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Define as __euidaccess and make euidaccess weak alias.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add cast to prevent warning.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Distinguish error cases for x is +0 or -0.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Do not raise exception expect when in SVID mode.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(huge, tiny): Adapt values for long double type.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Rewrite to return -1 for -inf.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Correct return value. Discard first stack element after fxtract.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Return -1 for -inf.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Change return value for -inf argument to -1.0.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Major rewrite to handle special cases.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Optimize branch code.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Fix bug in FPU stack handling.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Remove definition of long double definition. Make it the same as theUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17(nofini): *Really* align stack to 8-byte boundary.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(msync): Add third parameter.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(__need_error_t): New macro, before including <errno.h>Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(_tens_in_limb) [BITS_PER_MP_LIMB > 32]: Make all numbers unsigned toUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17Use __va_copy if available.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(vasprintf): Give full prototype.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Add prototype for __euidaccess.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Merge with regex sources from Arnold Robbins' version in GNU awk.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(distribute): Add TESTS, TESTS2C.sed, and testcases.h.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(_nss_files_gethostbyname2_r): New functions. Compare result forUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17(_nss_nis_gethostbyname2_r): New functions. Compare result forUlrich Drepper
1997-03-17Rewrite NIS code to allow empty keys.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Rewrite NIS code to allow empty keys.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(__yp_bind): Fix possible buffer overflow.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17New example for scandir function.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(EXIT_FAILURE): Fix typo. Patch by Drepper
1997-03-17Add documentation for scandir and alphasort.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17(mprotect) [_LIBC]: Define as __mprotect to clean up namespace.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Include <mach/kern_return.h>.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Include <mach/mach_traps.h>.Ulrich Drepper
1997-03-17Include <mach/mig_support.h>.Ulrich Drepper