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2013-09-09Update to latest versions of GPL-2.0 and LGPL-2.1Allan McRae
Pull copies of these files directly from the GNU website: Fixes the address of the Free Software Foundation (BZ #15844). Also includes some minor formatting changes and corrects references to the GNU "Library" General Public License.
2001-07-06Update.Andreas Jaeger
2001-07-06 Andreas Jaeger <> * manual/Makefile (texis): Add fdl.texi. * manual/fdl.texi: New. * manual/socket.texi (Host Names): Improve grammar, fix overflow hbox. * manual/libc.texinfo: Add fdl, update titlepage. Patches by Brian Youmans <>. * sysdeps/unix/make_errlist.c (main): Print LGPL v2.1 for generated file.
1999-07-28Update.Ulrich Drepper
1999-07-28 Andeas Schwab <> * iconvdata/Makefile: Don't try to run iconv tests when cross compiling.