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2012-01-30nl80211: add support for mcs masksSimon Wunderlich
2012-01-27{nl,cfg,mac}80211: Add support of setting non-forwarding entity in MeshChun-Yeow Yeoh
2012-01-27cfg80211: fix a few -Wshadow warningsJohannes Berg
2012-01-24wireless: Save original maximum regulatory transmission power for the calucat...Hong Wu
2012-01-11nl80211: fix old station flags compatibilityJohannes Berg
2012-01-04wireless: Treat IPv6 diffserv the same as IPv4 for 802.11eDave Täht
2012-01-04cfg80211: relicense reg.c reg.h and genregdb.awk to ISCLuis R. Rodriguez
2012-01-04cfg80211: replace reg.c Nokia commit 269ac5Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-01-04cfg80211: replace reg.c Nokia commit c4c32294Luis R. Rodriguez
2012-01-04wireless: Protect regdomain change by mutexDmitry Shmidt
2011-12-19cfg80211: Return beacon loss count in stationPaul Stewart
2011-12-16cfg80211: Restore orig channel values upon disconnectRajkumar Manoharan
2011-12-16cfg80211: allow following country IE power for custom regdom cardsLuis R. Rodriguez
2011-12-15cfg80211: validate nl80211 station handling betterJohannes Berg
2011-12-15nl80211: add TDLS peer flag to policyJohannes Berg
2011-12-14nl80211: accept testmode dump with netdevJohannes Berg
2011-12-13cfg80211: notify core hints that helps to restore regd settingsRajkumar Manoharan
2011-12-13cfg80211: Fix race in bss timeoutVasanthakumar Thiagarajan
2011-12-07wireless: disable wext sysfs by defaultJohannes Berg
2011-12-06nl80211: Parse channel type attribute in an ibss join requestAlexander Simon
2011-12-02Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2011-11-30cfg80211: amend regulatory NULL dereference fixLuis R. Rodriguez
2011-11-30cfg80211: fix race on init and driver registrationLuis R. Rodriguez
2011-11-28{nl,cfg,mac}80211: implement dot11MeshHWMPperrMinIntervalThomas Pedersen
2011-11-28{nl,cfg,mac}80211: Allow Setting Multicast Rate in MeshChun-Yeow Yeoh
2011-11-28wireless: Add NoAck per tid supportSimon Wunderlich
2011-11-28nl80211: fix MAC address validationEliad Peller
2011-11-22Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2011-11-21cfg80211: work around a sparse issueJohannes Berg
2011-11-21wireless: Support ht-capabilities over-rides.Ben Greear
2011-11-21cfg80211/mac80211: Revert "move information element parsing logic to cfg80211"Johannes Berg
2011-11-21nl80211: make get_vlan logic more commonJohannes Berg
2011-11-21cfg80211: add flags for off-channel capabilitiesJohannes Berg
2011-11-21nl80211: add testmode to the list of supported commandsKalle Valo
2011-11-21cfg80211: pass DFS region to drivers through reg_notifier()Luis R. Rodriguez
2011-11-21cfg80211: process regulatory DFS region for countriesLuis R. Rodriguez
2011-11-21cfg80211: fix regulatory NULL dereferenceJohannes Berg
2011-11-11nl80211: Pass probe response data to driversArik Nemtsov
2011-11-11nl80211: Add probe response offload attributeArik Nemtsov
2011-11-11nl80211: fix compiler warningJohannes Berg
2011-11-11mac80211/cfg80211: report monitor channel in wireless extensionsJohannes Berg
2011-11-11cfg80211: merge in beacon ies of hidden bss.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-11-09nl80211: advertise socket TX status capabilityJohannes Berg
2011-11-09cfg80211/mac80211: allow management TX to not wait for ACKJohannes Berg
2011-11-09cfg80211: add event for unexpected 4addr framesJohannes Berg
2011-11-09cfg80211: allow registering to beaconsJohannes Berg
2011-11-09nl80211: add API to probe a clientJohannes Berg
2011-11-09nl80211: advertise device AP SMEJohannes Berg
2011-11-09nl80211: allow subscribing to unexpected class3 framesJohannes Berg
2011-11-09nl80211: Increase maximum NL80211_ATTR_KEY_SEQ length to 16Jouni Malinen