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2012-01-22bluetooth: hci: Fix type of "enable_hs" to bool.David S. Miller
2012-01-10Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2012-01-04Merge git:// S. Miller
2012-01-04Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2012-01-03Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2012-01-03Bluetooth: Correct packet len calculationAndrei Emeltchenko
2012-01-03Bluetooth: Keep chan->state and sk->sk_state in syncGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-03Bluetooth: Don't use *_bh locks anymoreGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-03Bluetooth: Fix mgmt_stop_discovery_failed()Andre Guedes
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Queue adv_work on system workqueueAndre Guedes
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Fix adv_work delayAndre Guedes
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Fix hci_cc_read_local_ext_features()Andre Guedes
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Rename extfeaturesAndre Guedes
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Remove *_bh from socket list lock.Gustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Remove local_bh_disable() from hci_sock.cGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Remove *_bh locks from SCOGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Fix context in RFCOMM ttyGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Fix context in rfcomm_sock_lockGustavo F. Padovan
2012-01-02Bluetooth: Fix bacpy in l2cap_core.cGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-27Bluetooth: Fix a compile warning in RFCOMMGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-23Merge git:// S. Miller
2011-12-23Revert "Bluetooth: Increase HCI reset timeout in hci_dev_do_close"Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-23Bluetooth: Incorrect address while storing LTK.Hemant Gupta
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Don't disable interrupt when locking the queueGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: remove *_bh usage from hci_dev_list and hci_cb_listGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: add debug output to l2cap_ack_timeout()Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Remove l2cap priority from inside RFCOMM.Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Add SMP to User Passkey and ConfirmBrian Gix
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Add MITM mechanism to LE-SMPBrian Gix
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Fix deadlocks with sock lock and L2CAP timers locksUlisses Furquim
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Make HCI call directly into SCO and L2CAP event functionsUlisses Furquim
2011-12-22Bluetooth: Remove magic numbers from le scan cmdAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-22Bluetooth: fix bt_accept_dequeue() to work in process contextGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-21Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2011-12-21Bluetooth: Always compile SCO and L2CAP in Bluetooth CoreUlisses Furquim
2011-12-21Bluetooth: Remove global mutex hci_task_lockUlisses Furquim
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Rename info_work to info_timerGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-20Bluetooth: convert security timer to delayed_workGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Move l2cap_{set,clear}_timer to l2cap.hGustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Clean up magic pointersAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Check for flow control modeAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Initialize default flow control modeAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-20Bluetooth: Split ctrl init to BREDR and AMP partsAndrei Emeltchenko
2011-12-19module_param: make bool parameters really bool (net & drivers/net)Rusty Russell
2011-12-19Merge branch 'master' of git:// W. Linville
2011-12-19Merge git:// F. Padovan
2011-12-18Revert "Bluetooth: Revert: Fix L2CAP connection establishment"Gustavo F. Padovan
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Clear RFCOMM session timer when disconnecting last channelMat Martineau
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Prevent uninitialized data access in L2CAP configurationMat Martineau
2011-12-18Bluetooth: Incoming ACL packets do not force active modeMat Martineau