AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-14[PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.hTim Schmielau
2007-02-14[PATCH] knfsd: allow the server to provide a gid list when using AUTH_UNIX au...NeilBrown
2007-02-14[PATCH] knfsd: add some new fsid typesNeilBrown
2007-02-14[PATCH] knfsd: tidy up choice of filesystem-identifier when creating a fileha...NeilBrown
2007-02-14[PATCH] knfsd: fix return value for writes to some files in 'nfsd' filesystemNeilBrown
2007-02-14[PATCH] SPI: atmel_spi driverHaavard Skinnemoen
2007-02-14[PATCH] PNX8550 UART driverVitaly Wool
2007-02-14[PATCH] fix PNX8550 serial breakageVitaly Wool
2007-02-14[PATCH] serial: replace kmalloc+memset with kzallocBurman Yan
2007-02-14[PATCH] serial: make sure UART is powered up when dumping MCTRL statusGeorge G. Davis
2007-02-14[PATCH] serial: trivial code flow simplificationBjorn Helgaas
2007-02-14[PATCH] 8250 UART backup timerAlex Williamson
2007-02-14[PATCH] qconf: hide empty list itemsCyrill V. Gorcunov
2007-02-14[PATCH] new toplevel target: headers_check_allMike Frysinger
2007-02-14[PATCH] Kbuild: Remove references to deprecated "prepare-all" target from Mak...Robert P. J. Day
2007-02-14[PATCH] qconf: Back button behaviour normalizationCyrill V. Gorcunov
2007-02-14[PATCH] qconf: fix showing help info on failed searchCyrill V. Gorcunov
2007-02-14[PATCH] qconf: relocate Search CommandShlomi Fish
2007-02-14[PATCH] qconf: immediately update integer and string values in xconfig displayKarsten Wiese
2007-02-14[PATCH] add .mailmap for proper git-shortlog outputNicolas Pitre
2007-02-14[PATCH] Make mkcompile_h use LANG=C and LC_ALL=C for $CC -vs situert
2007-02-14[PATCH] search a little harder for mkimageMike Frysinger
2007-02-14[PATCH] ia64: fix noncoherent DMA API so devres buildsRoland Dreier
2007-02-13Merge branch 'master' of /home/trondmy/kernel/linux-2.6/Trond Myklebust
2007-02-13Merge branch 'for-linus' of Torvalds
2007-02-13Merge Torvalds
2007-02-14[CIFS] on reconnect to Samba - reset the unix capabilitiesSteve French
2007-02-13Merge Torvalds
2007-02-13Merge Torvalds
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Use udbg_early_init() on ppc32David Gibson
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Open Firmware serial port driverArnd Bergmann
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Move MPIC smp routines into mpic.cMichael Ellerman
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Cleanup pseries kexec codeMichael Ellerman
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Cleanup pseries smp initialisation codeMichael Ellerman
2007-02-14[POWERPC] Consolidate pseries platform header files into pseries.hMichael Ellerman
2007-02-14Merge branch 'cell-merge' of git+ssh:// Mackerras
2007-02-13Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-13Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-13Merge Torvalds
2007-02-13[PATCH] Fix SAK_work workqueue initialization.Eric W. Biederman
2007-02-13[MIPS] Fix sigset_t endianess swapping issues in 32-bit compat code.Ralf Baechle
2007-02-13[MIPS] Fix uniprocessor Sibyte builds.Andrew Sharp
2007-02-13[MIPS] Make entry.S a little more readable.Franck Bui-Huu
2007-02-13[MIPS] Remove stray instruction from __get_user_asm_ll32.Ralf Baechle
2007-02-13[MIPS] 32-bit: Fix warning about cast for fetching pointer from userspace.Ralf Baechle
2007-02-13[MIPS] DECstation: Fix irq handlingAtsushi Nemoto
2007-02-13[MIPS] signals: make common _BLOCKABLE macroFranck Bui-Huu
2007-02-13[MIPS] signal: Move sigframe definition for native O32/N64 into signal.cRalf Baechle
2007-02-13[MIPS] signal: Move {restore,setup}_sigcontext prototypes to their userRalf Baechle
2007-02-13[MIPS] signal: Fix warnings in o32 compat code.Ralf Baechle