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ipv6: Send ICMPv6 RSes only when RAs are accepted
This patch improves the logic determining when to send ICMPv6 Router Solicitations, so that they are 1) always sent when the kernel is accepting Router Advertisements, and 2) never sent when the kernel is not accepting RAs. In other words, the operational setting of the "accept_ra" sysctl is used. The change also makes the special "Hybrid Router" forwarding mode ("forwarding" sysctl set to 2) operate exactly the same as the standard Router mode (forwarding=1). The only difference between the two was that RSes was being sent in the Hybrid Router mode only. The sysctl documentation describing the special Hybrid Router mode has therefore been removed. Rationale for the change: Currently, the value of forwarding sysctl is the only thing determining whether or not to send RSes. If it has the value 0 or 2, they are sent, otherwise they are not. This leads to inconsistent behaviour in the following cases: * accept_ra=0, forwarding=0 * accept_ra=0, forwarding=2 * accept_ra=1, forwarding=2 * accept_ra=2, forwarding=1 In the first three cases, the kernel will send RSes, even though it will not accept any RAs received in reply. In the last case, it will not send any RSes, even though it will accept and process any RAs received. (Most routers will send unsolicited RAs periodically, so suppressing RSes in the last case will merely delay auto-configuration, not prevent it.) Also, it is my opinion that having the forwarding sysctl control RS sending behaviour (completely independent of whether RAs are being accepted or not) is simply not what most users would intuitively expect to be the case. Signed-off-by: Tore Anderson <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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