path: root/xhfc/xhfc_leb.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-31we are AvencallGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15don't trace as KERN_INFOGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15activate xhfc reg debugGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15add soft conf tracesGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15remove unused definesGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-14switch to leb cs1 based gpio for ntte and termsGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-18update copyright infosGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-11update GPIO lines used for XHFC /INT and /RESGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-07indentationGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-05use proper Linux indentationGuillaume Knispel
2010-08-26license, indentationGuillaume Knispel
2010-08-25Mainly cosmetic.Noe Rubinstein
2010-08-13change everything, add TODONoe Rubinstein
2010-08-04some progress made on the XHFC driver moduleNoé Rubinstein
2010-07-29copy pasted a bunch of code (doesn't work)Noé Rubinstein
2010-07-28GPIO kernel interface driverNoé Rubinstein