path: root/xhfc/xhfc.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-18update copyright infosGuillaume Knispel
2010-12-24merge xhfc with xilun's changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17remove obsolete codeNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17prepend xivo to driver nameNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17Copyright and licenceNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-09forgot to :wq thatNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-09clean up tracesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03add eyecandy macroNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03rm obsolete codeNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-02if it works, do break itNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-25State machine changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-18Is the state machine guaranteed to work?Noe Rubinstein
2010-11-12compiles; panics.Noe Rubinstein
2010-11-12debug traces, cleanup/fixNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-05moreNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-05state handling code nearly completeNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-04start rewriting software part of ST state machineNoe Rubinstein
2010-10-22remove xhfc_span_startup and shutdownNoe Rubinstein
2010-10-22fix some errors in the previous commitsNoe Rubinstein
2010-10-22 #ifdef AUDIONoe Rubinstein
2010-10-21xhfc_span.shutdown unusedNoe Rubinstein
2010-10-21xhfc_span->ts not relevant anymoreNoe Rubinstein
2010-10-17add some audio for XHFCGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-11don't configure half of the PCM in enable_interruptsGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-06fix/add/tune commentsGuillaume Knispel
2010-10-05remove trailing whitespacesGuillaume Knispel
2010-08-25renamed header define protection for xhfc.hGuillaume Knispel
2010-08-25other cosmetic changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-08-25Mainly cosmetic.Noe Rubinstein
2010-08-24xhfc_span->runningNoe Rubinstein
2010-08-23clean up, traces, fix hdlc_rx_frame, b chans...Noe Rubinstein
2010-08-13change everything, add TODONoe Rubinstein
2010-08-04some progress made on the XHFC driver moduleNoé Rubinstein
2010-07-29copy pasted a bunch of code (doesn't work)Noé Rubinstein
2010-07-28GPIO kernel interface driverNoé Rubinstein