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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-31remove ref to megrez and TAINT_CRAP xivo_tdmGuillaume Knispel
2013-01-31we are AvencallGuillaume Knispel
2012-09-26Try fixing at least some of the L1 state issuesNoe Rubinstein
2012-08-21reverse NTTENoe Rubinstein
2012-07-12source version used for build ad5aec5e1 in binary_lkmxilun
2012-02-28trigger cs2 from xivo_tdm_trigger_handlerGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15correct bit order for softconfGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15add soft conf tracesGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-15simpler traceGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-14switch to leb cs1 based gpio for ntte and termsGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-14fix module doc + a comment, add an XXXGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-14add cs_n1 in struct xhfc_pi, and set itGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-14XIOH_PROTO_MB_V4_RESET_GPIO is unusedGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-13now extract xhfc reset gpio from DSDT (vendor specific descriptor)Guillaume Knispel
2012-02-09lowercase name of XHFC interruptGuillaume Knispel
2012-02-01cleanup and add xhfc pnp deviceGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-31uppercase XIVO in /proc/ interfaces and the likeGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-18enhance commentsGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-18update copyright infosGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-18update default values for rst gpio for our own prototype boardsGuillaume Knispel
2012-01-17port to 2.6.32 (work in progress)Guillaume Knispel
2011-05-04Potential fix for frame spam on haltNoe Rubinstein
2011-04-21Enable configuration of XHFC w/ GPIOsNoe Rubinstein
2011-02-25update some outdated codeNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-21cosmeticNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-24merge xhfc with xilun's changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-20cosmetic: frame_inNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17fail with error if the XHFC is not a 4SUNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17fix tracesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17prepend xivo to driver nameNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17Copyright and licenceNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17move xhfc.c to base.c and rename module to xivoxhfc.cNoe Rubinstein