AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-02-09add forgotten fileGuillaume Knispel
2011-02-09add forgotten -DAUDIO in case XIVO_AUDIO=1 in xhfc/MakefileGuillaume Knispel
2011-02-09as we are using synchronized TDM buses, FX TDM must wait for ISDN TDMGuillaume Knispel
2011-02-09use synchronized TDM buses configuration for simultaneous use of FX and ISDN ...Guillaume Knispel
2011-02-09update default fx reset gpio for Megrez <-> our FX prototype interfacingGuillaume Knispel
2011-01-21Don't remove BSD on dual-licensed filesNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-21cosmeticNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-20LicensesNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-20miscNoe Rubinstein
2011-01-06polrev MWI, othersNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-30polarization, cosmetizationNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-29Remove useless/dangerous txsig queueNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-29Support KewlstartNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-29cosmeticNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-28a bunch of things (git add -p sucksNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-24merge xhfc with xilun's changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-24merge xivovp with xilun's changeNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-24update TDM driver with xilun's changesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-23xivovp: KbuildNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-21change xivovp_line_from_ctx to a single container_of callNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-21patch dahdi-tools to configure xivovp and xivoxhfcNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-20cosmetic: frame_inNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17fail with error if the XHFC is not a 4SUNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17remove obsolete codeNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17fix tracesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17prepend xivo to driver nameNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17fix makefileNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17Copyright and licenceNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17move xhfc.c to base.c and rename module to xivoxhfc.cNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-17debug traceNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-16disables audio in xivo_vpNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-09don't rx/tx if alarmNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-09forgot to :wq thatNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-09deactivate requests are okay in TE.Noe Rubinstein
2010-12-09Merge branch 'st-state-rewrite'Noe Rubinstein
2010-12-09Use FIFO_IRQ_BLx and FIFO_FILL_BLx for reducing hardirq time and calls to DAHDI.Noe Rubinstein
2010-12-09clean up tracesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03fix activate_requestNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03add eyecandy macroNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03rm obsolete codeNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03syntax error lolNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03fix further span/port confusionNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03remove out-of-date commentNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03remove redundant activate_requestNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-03Fix spanno/port/port+1 confusion in tracesNoe Rubinstein
2010-12-02if it works, do break itNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-26remove nonsenseNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-25commentsNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-25traces and todoNoe Rubinstein
2010-11-25remove redundant codeNoe Rubinstein