AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-13Fix the documentation according to the memory modelmemory_model_devRichard Braun
2019-08-23Slight improvement of the memory model man pageRichard Braun
2019-08-20Slightly improve the implementation sectionRichard Braun
2019-08-20SLightly improve the definition of strong sequencingRichard Braun
2019-08-20Add content to the memory man pageRichard Braun
2019-08-20Edit the memory model man pageRichard Braun
2019-08-19Add a man page for the memory model (incomplete)Richard Braun
2019-08-19Describe thread_sleep and thread_delayRichard Braun
2019-08-19Document thread_delayRichard Braun
2019-08-19Remove all mentions of "barriers" in the cpu moduleRichard Braun
2019-08-16Don't define cpu_delay as a compiler barrierRichard Braun
2019-08-16Remove the barrier macroRichard Braun
2019-08-16Use atomic signal fences in the x86 local atomic implementationRichard Braun
2019-08-16Remove a mention of compiler barrierRichard Braun
2019-08-16Document and reimplement RCU read-side critical section primitivesRichard Braun
2019-08-16Remove useless commentRichard Braun
2019-08-16Replace some barrier()s with local atomic fencesRichard Braun
2019-08-16Reword and change the semantics of thread-local critical section primitivesRichard Braun
2019-08-16Reword RCU guaranteesRichard Braun
2019-08-16Improve the work API documentationRichard Braun
2019-08-16Improve the timer API documentationRichard Braun
2019-08-16Document the scalable reference counter APIRichard Braun
2019-08-16Document the work APIRichard Braun
2019-08-16Complete timer documentationRichard Braun
2019-08-16Document the timer APIRichard Braun
2019-08-16Document the mutex API, fix spin lock documentationRichard Braun
2019-08-16Finish spinlock documentationRichard Braun
2019-08-16First attempt, incompleteRichard Braun
2019-08-16x86/latomic: fix latomic_x86_enter and latomic_x86_leaveRichard Braun
2019-08-16kern/latomic: implement fences as atomic signal fencesRichard Braun
2019-07-11kern/types: add TODO entry about cpu_flags_tRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/sref: remove left-over macroRichard Braun
2019-06-08vm/vm_map: fix vm_map_infoRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/log: add printf-specific warnings to log_printf_fn_tRichard Braun
2019-06-08kern/sref: track epoch durationsRichard Braun
2019-06-05kern/sref: reduce minimum epoch durationRichard Braun
2019-05-29kern/sref: schedule noref works with a high priorityRichard Braun
2019-05-29kern/sref: fix when to process review queuesRichard Braun
2019-05-28kern/sref: add optional debuggingRichard Braun
2019-05-26kern/log: fix bulletin publicationRichard Braun
2019-05-22Add a log print function type for information reportingRichard Braun
2019-05-19kern/{log,shell}: use a bulletin for initial log dump notificationRichard Braun
2019-05-19test/test_sref_noref: fix naming, reduce number of loopsRichard Braun
2019-05-19kern/sref: reworkRichard Braun
2019-05-05kern/log: fix log writesRichard Braun
2019-05-05kern/timer: fix high priority work scheduling flagsRichard Braun
2019-04-24kern/log: rework with a message bufferRichard Braun
2019-04-24kern/mbuf: new moduleRichard Braun
2019-04-23New EMSGSIZE error codeRichard Braun
2019-01-25kern/log: fix overrun handlingRichard Braun