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2018-08-14Change the way unused arguments are handledRichard Braun
2018-01-04Move sources to new src/ directoryRichard Braun
2018-01-04error: remove and use errno.h directlyRichard Braun
2018-01-04Make the copyright notice fit on 80 columnsRichard Braun
2017-10-07Change the license to MITRichard Braun
2017-07-25error: fix namespaceRichard Braun
2017-01-26rdxtree: make key allocation optionalRichard Braun
2016-12-09Force brackets around one-line conditional statementsRichard Braun
2016-10-25check: new moduleRichard Braun
2015-05-14rdxtree: fix tree walking overflowRichard Braun
2015-05-14rdxtree: fix blunderRichard Braun
2015-05-03rdxtree: support lockless tree walkingRichard Braun
2015-04-08rdxtree: introduce the rdxtree_key_t type for 32/64-bits keysRichard Braun
2013-07-05test_rdxtree: use 64-bit keysRichard Braun
2013-07-05rdxtree: change definition of rdxtree_bm_tRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: new tests covering node creation failuresRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: more lookup testsRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: more removal testsRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: test insert with allocation and slotRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: test insert with slotRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: test insertion on busy keyRichard Braun
2013-06-07rdxtree: encode pointer type in entry addressRichard Braun
2013-06-07rdxtree: rename slots to entriesRichard Braun
2013-06-07test_rdxtree: fix test 5Richard Braun
2012-08-26Slight coding style changeRichard Braun
2012-04-13rdatree: rename to rdxtreeRichard Braun