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2018-08-14Change the way unused arguments are handledRichard Braun
Use the __unused macro when declaring unused arguments in function definitions. Use main(void) instead of main(argc, argv) where appropriate.
2018-01-04Move sources to new src/ directoryRichard Braun
2018-01-04Make the copyright notice fit on 80 columnsRichard Braun
2017-10-07Change the license to MITRichard Braun
Not a real change, it's just that MIT license seems to be the most popular permissive license.
2017-09-04avltree: new avltree_replace_slot functionRichard Braun
2017-01-12Replace unsigned long with uintptr_t for integer/pointer conversionsRichard Braun
2016-12-09Force brackets around one-line conditional statementsRichard Braun
2016-10-25check: new moduleRichard Braun
This module defines a single check macro that acts as a non conditional assert. It is intended for test code only.
2012-08-26Slight coding style changeRichard Braun
2011-06-28Initial commit.Richard Braun