path: root/arch/x86/machine/lapic.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-03lapic: resets perfmon interrupt after each call.Remy Noel
2018-04-29Minor changesRichard Braun
2018-04-21lapic: fix non-perfmon compilation.Remy Noel
2018-04-21perfmon: add perfmon overflow interrupt.Remy Noel
2018-04-13x86/lapic: fix inter-process interrupt generationRichard Braun
2018-01-20x86/lapic: don't pack memory map structuresRichard Braun
2017-08-27kern/clock: new moduleRichard Braun
2017-06-25Remove the param moduleRichard Braun
2017-06-24Move the HZ macro to the kern/thread moduleRichard Braun
2017-06-10Use log functions where appropriateRichard Braun
2017-06-03x86: don't unconditionnally initialize the legacy PICRichard Braun
2017-05-30Move assert.h to the include directoryRichard Braun
2017-05-28x86/lapic: fix initialization on BSPRichard Braun
2017-05-26x86: use the new intr moduleRichard Braun
2017-05-16x86/lapic: reduce timer calibration delayRichard Braun
2017-04-29New stdio.h standard headerRichard Braun
2017-04-29kern/printk: rename to printfRichard Braun
2017-02-04Clean up compilationRichard Braun
2016-12-09Force brackets around one-line conditional statementsRichard Braun
2014-10-02x86/{lapic/pic}: normalize interrupt handler namesRichard Braun
2014-05-21x86/lapic: improve IPI generationRichard Braun
2014-05-21x86/lapic: clarify interfaceRichard Braun
2014-05-13kern/thread: rename thread_tick to thread_tick_intrRichard Braun
2014-05-08x86/lapic: report internal errorsRichard Braun
2014-01-02Declare variables as read mostly where appropriateRichard Braun
2012-12-12kern/thread: support multiprocessor schedulingRichard Braun
2012-12-09x86/pmap: inter-processor TLB updatesRichard Braun
2012-12-09x86/lapic: fixed/broadcast inter-processor interruptsRichard Braun
2012-11-19kern/thread: preliminary scheduling implementationRichard Braun
2012-11-03Merge lib into kernRichard Braun
2012-10-22x86/trap: new moduleRichard Braun
2012-10-03x86: new architectureRichard Braun