AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-04perfmon: fix broken global pmc counting.HEADperfmonRemy Noel
2018-05-04pmu: fix driver initialization.Remy Noel
2018-05-03Merge branch 'master' into perfmonRemy Noel
2018-05-03perfmon: change tests Kconfig from select to depends on.Remy Noel
2018-05-03perfmon: Remove useless accessors.Remy Noel
2018-05-03perfmon: add polling overflow implementation in perfmonRemy Noel
2018-05-03perfmon: register a pmu_driver in place of pmu_ops.Remy Noel
2018-05-03lapic: resets perfmon interrupt after each call.Remy Noel
2018-04-30cpu: add cpu_freq accessor.Remy Noel
2018-04-29Minor changesRichard Braun
2018-04-27kern/atomic: minor improvementRichard Braun
2018-04-26kern/atomic: minor reworkRichard Braun
2018-04-24Fix missing kern/syscnt.h inclusionsRichard Braun
2018-04-24kern/atomic: fix alignment checkRichard Braun
2018-04-21kern/mutex/mutex_adaptive: fix atomic operation callsRichard Braun
2018-04-21pmu_amd: Add AMD overflow handling (untested).Remy Noel
2018-04-21Merge branch 'atomic_rework'Richard Braun
2018-04-21doc/intro(9): mention the supported data modelsRichard Braun
2018-04-21kern/atomic: reworkRichard Braun
2018-04-21Fix atomic operations argument typesRichard Braun
2018-04-21perfmon: fix overflo test only working on 64 bit counters.Remy Noel
2018-04-21x86: fix i386_defconfigRichard Braun
2018-04-21lapic: fix non-perfmon compilation.Remy Noel
2018-04-21perfmon: various cosmetics.Remy Noel
2018-04-21pmu_intel: Add Overflow V2 support.Remy Noel
2018-04-21perfmon: Test overflow in cpu test.Remy Noel
2018-04-21perfmon: Add overflow handling.Remy Noel
2018-04-21perfmon: add perfmon overflow interrupt.Remy Noel
2018-04-21kern/perfmon: add perfmon_cpu_pmc get/setters.Remy Noel
2018-04-21kern/perfmon: Handle overflow on sync.Remy Noel
2018-04-21kern/perfmon.c: Add pmc id to index map.Remy Noel
2018-04-21cpu: Add cpu_get_msr64 helperRemy Noel
2018-04-21Merge branch 'master' into perfmonRemy Noel
2018-04-19tools/ augment the small setRichard Braun
2018-04-19kern/atomic: remove shortcutsRichard Braun
2018-04-18Merge branch 'master' into perfmonRemy Noel
2018-04-14tools/ only pass x15 as the kernel argument to QEMURichard Braun
2018-04-14kern/rcu: make the window check interval configurableRichard Braun
2018-04-14kern/atomic: fix consume memory orderRichard Braun
2018-04-14Rename variables in function-like macrosRichard Braun
2018-04-14Fix left-over reserved identifiersRichard Braun
2018-04-14test_perfmon_torture: fix names being copied from freed memory.Remy Noel
2018-04-14pmu_intel: fix call to gcc's __builtin_popcount.Remy Noel
2018-04-14Merge branch 'master' into perfmonRemy Noel
2018-04-13kern/xcall: upgrade spurious interrupts to errorsRichard Braun
2018-04-13x86/lapic: fix inter-process interrupt generationRichard Braun
2018-04-09Make linking with libgcc a per-architecture optionRichard Braun
2018-04-08tools/ remove GRUB dependencyRichard Braun
2018-04-08x86: slightly improve linker scriptRichard Braun
2018-04-08Makefile: disable the build ID linker featureRichard Braun