path: root/libpthread/sysdeps/viengoos/pt-thread-start.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-16Conditionalize use of l4 functions on USE_L4.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Add vg_ prefix to the (hopefully) remaining viengoos symbols.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Replace RPC rm prefix with vg.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Merge hurd/exceptions.h into hurd/thread.h.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Add a "vg_" to public viengoos identifiers.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Move viengoos header files to libviengoos.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-12New IPC system. Update code accordingly.Neal H. Walfield
2008-08-162008-08-16 Neal H. Walfield <>neal