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2009-01-16Conditionalize use of l4 functions on USE_L4.Neal H. Walfield
2009-01-16Add macros to print the register file. Use them.Neal H. Walfield
2009-01-16Add asserts to the activation test in mm-init.c.Neal H. Walfield
2009-01-16Change the type of extract_bits data argument to uintptr_t.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Support batching requests for object_discarded_clear.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Fix address computation error.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Unlock the folio before calling rm_folio_object_alloc.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Set UTCB->TID when initializing the UTCB, not lazily.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Make the number of reserve messengers a function of the number of threads.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Fix logic error.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Maintain a reserve of message buffers.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-18Add vg_ prefix to the (hopefully) remaining viengoos symbols.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Rename vg_cap_copy to vg_cap_copy_simple.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Replace remaining rm_ prefixes with vg_.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Replace RPC rm prefix with vg.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Merge hurd/exceptions.h into hurd/thread.h.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Add a "vg_" to public viengoos identifiers.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Move activation interface definitions to libviengoos.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-17Move viengoos header files to libviengoos.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-16Remove saved_thread_state from utcb structure.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-16Make the storage low-water mark a function of the number of threads.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-16Track owner of the storage descriptor. Unlock it before doing an RPC.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-16Replace L4 types and functions with standard types or viengoosNeal H. Walfield
2008-12-12New IPC system. Update code accordingly.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-04Use correct format conversions.Neal H. Walfield
2008-12-04Use the correct format modifiers and print the correct values in madvise.c.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-18Improve as_dump output.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-18Add support for prefaulting pages.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-18For normal memory advice, set INFO.DISCARDED to ANON->POLICY.DISCARDABLE.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-18Preallocate the pages around a fault.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-18Fix logic error in as_lookup code.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-12Make the anonymous pager's fault handler and madvise reentrant.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-11Add debugging output when passing bad arguments to madvise.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-11Profile the anonymous pager's fault handler.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-06Support clearing the discarded status and prefaulting using madvise.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-03Remove .cvsignore files. Add a .gitignore file.Neal H. Walfield
2008-11-03Update to binutils 2.19.Neal H. Walfield
2008-08-152008-08-15 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-07-082008-07-08 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-07-042008-07-04 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-07-012008-07-01 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-06-27Add .cvsignore files.neal
2008-06-232008-06-23 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-06-222008-06-22 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-06-222008-06-22 Neal H. Walfield <>neal
2008-06-202008-06-20 Neal H. Walfield <>neal