path: root/proclist.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-14Add copyright noticesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Refresh nodes when they're read from the start.Jeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Detect asprintf's ENOMEM in procfs.c rather than everywhereJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Make contents a char* to avoid typecasts all over the placeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Use a global ps_contextJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Use libps and enhance [pid]/statJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fuse the proclist into the root nodeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fetch process information and reject the non-existing onesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add real process nodesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30More cleanup possibilitiesJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Fix the failure semantics of procfs_make_nodeJeremie Koenig
2010-08-30Add the list of processes as a directoryJeremie Koenig