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2013-07-20Add the necessary infrastructure to serve passive translatorsJustus Winter
* netfs.c (netfs_get_translator): New function. * procfs.c (procfs_get_translator): Likewise. * procfs.h (struct procfs_node_ops): New field get_translator. (procfs_get_translator): New function declaration.
2010-09-14Add copyright noticesJeremie Koenig
* dircat.c, dircat.h, main.c, main.h, netfs.c, process.c, process.h, procfs.c, procfs.h, procfs_dir.c, procfs_dir.h, proclist.c, proclist.h, rootdir.c, rootdir.h: Add copyright notices.
2010-08-30Refresh nodes when they're read from the start.Jeremie Koenig
This is necessary for top, for instance, which keeps some files open and re-reads them regularly. As an extra bonus we can drop the refresh hack. * procfs.c, procfs.h: Remove the refresh hack. (procfs_refresh): New function, invalidates the cached contents. * netfs.c (netfs_attempt_read, netfs_get_dirents): Call procfs_refresh when the read is from offset 0. * proclist.c (proclist_make_node): Remove the refresh hack. * dircat.c (dircat_make_node): Likewise. (dircat_get_contents): Use procfs_refresh to avoid keeping old data from the component nodes.
2010-08-30Detect asprintf's ENOMEM in procfs.c rather than everywhereJeremie Koenig
* procfs.h: Make CONTENTS_LEN an ssize_t rather than a size_t, and document the change. * procfs.c (procfs_get_contents): Initialize CONTENTS_LEN to a negative value, and fail with ENOMEM if it's still negative after the callback returns. (everywhere): Update to ssize_t. * dircat.c, netfs.c, process.c, procfs_dir.c, proclist.c, rootdir.c: Update to ssize_t and the new GET_CONTENTS semantics.
2010-08-30Make contents a char* to avoid typecasts all over the placeJeremie Koenig
* procfs.h (procfs_cleanup_contents_with_free, procfs_cleanup_contents_with_vm_deallocate, procfs_get_contents, struct procfs_ops): Change CONTENTS from a void pointer to a char one. * dircat.c, netfs.c, process.c, procfs.c, procfs_dir.c, proclist.c, rootdir.c: Update.
2010-08-30Encapsulate access to node->nn_statJeremie Koenig
* procfs.c, procfs.h (procfs_node_chown, procfs_node_chmod, procfs_node_chtype): New functions, encapsulate access to some nn_stat fields. * process.c (process_lookup_pid): Use procfs_node_chown instead of direct access.
2010-08-30Invent path-based inode numbersJeremie Koenig
* procfs.h, procfs.c (procfs_make_ino): New function, invents an inode number by hashing the parent's and the name of an entry. (procfs_lookup): Use it to assign an inode number to child nodes at lookup time. * main.c (root_make_node): Assign an arbitrary inode number to the root directory.
2010-08-30Implement lookup for . and ..Jeremie Koenig
* procfs.c (procfs_lookup): Keep track of the parent directory, implement the lookup of the dot-directories. (procfs_cleanup): Release the reference to the parent node, if applicable. * procfs.h: Add a comment about the parent reference. * netfs.c (netfs_attempt_lookup): Lock the looked up node after the directory has been unlocked, in case they are the same.
2010-08-30Fuse the proclist into the root nodeJeremie Koenig
* dircat.c, dircat.h: New files, merge directories. * Makefile: Add the dircat module. * main.c: Use dircat to merge the proclist into the root directory, instead of having it as a stand-alone one. * procfs.h, procfs.c: Add a "refresh hack" to have the contents of the root directory recreated on each request. * proclist.c (proclist_make_node): Enable the hack in question.
2010-08-30More cleanup possibilitiesJeremie Koenig
* procfs.c, procfs.h: Extend the signature of the cleanup_contents callback in the procfs_node_ops structure to include the hook and contents_len. (cleanup_contents_with_free, cleanup_contents_with_vm_deallocate): New functions, can be used as a cleanup_contents callback for simple cases. * procfs_dir.c, procfs_dir.h (procfs_dir_make_node): Update, add a cleanup callback, make sure the cleanup callback is invoked if there is an error. * proclist.c (proclist_make_node), main.c (main): Update to match the new interfaces.
2010-08-30Fix the failure semantics of procfs_make_nodeJeremie Koenig
* procfs.c (procfs_make_node): Invoke the cleanup callback on failure, so that callers don't have to. * procfs.h: Document the change. * procfs_dir.c (procfs_dir_make_node), procfs_file.c (procfs_file_make_node), proclist.c (proclist_make_node): Update to reflect the change.
2010-08-30Basic infrastructureJeremie Koenig
* procfs.h: New file; basic interfaces for procfs nodes. * procfs.c: New file; implement the basic infrastructure. * netfs.c: New file; bridge libnetfs and the procfs interfaces. * main.c: New file; mostly a "Hello, World!" for now. * Makefile: New file; standalone for now.