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Basic infrastructure
* procfs.h: New file; basic interfaces for procfs nodes. * procfs.c: New file; implement the basic infrastructure. * netfs.c: New file; bridge libnetfs and the procfs interfaces. * main.c: New file; mostly a "Hello, World!" for now. * Makefile: New file; standalone for now.
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+#include <hurd/hurd_types.h>
+#include <hurd/netfs.h>
+/* Interface for the procfs side. */
+/* Any of these callback functions can be omitted, in which case
+ reasonable defaults will be used. The initial file mode and type
+ depend on whether a lookup function is provided, but can be
+ overridden in update_stat(). */
+struct procfs_node_ops
+ /* Fetch the contents of a node. A pointer to the contents should be
+ returned in *CONTENTS and their length in *CONTENTS_LEN. The exact
+ nature of these data depends on whether the node is a regular file,
+ symlink or directory, as determined by the file mode in
+ netnode->nn_stat. For regular files and symlinks, they are what
+ you would expect; for directories, they are an argz vector of the
+ names of the entries. */
+ error_t (*get_contents) (void *hook, void **contents, size_t *contents_len);
+ void (*cleanup_contents) (void *contents);
+ /* Lookup NAME in this directory, and store the result in *np. The
+ returned node should be created by lookup() using procfs_make_node()
+ or a derived function. */
+ error_t (*lookup) (void *hook, const char *name, struct node **np);
+ /* Destroy this node. */
+ void (*cleanup) (void *hook);
+struct node *procfs_make_node (const struct procfs_node_ops *ops, void *hook);
+/* Interface for the libnetfs side. */
+error_t procfs_get_contents (struct node *np, void **data, size_t *data_len);
+error_t procfs_lookup (struct node *np, const char *name, struct node **npp);
+void procfs_cleanup (struct node *np);