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authorJeremie Koenig <>2010-08-19 07:48:30 +0000
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Implement lookup for . and ..
* procfs.c (procfs_lookup): Keep track of the parent directory, implement the lookup of the dot-directories. (procfs_cleanup): Release the reference to the parent node, if applicable. * procfs.h: Add a comment about the parent reference. * netfs.c (netfs_attempt_lookup): Lock the looked up node after the directory has been unlocked, in case they are the same.
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diff --git a/procfs.h b/procfs.h
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--- a/procfs.h
+++ b/procfs.h
@@ -22,7 +22,10 @@ struct procfs_node_ops
/* Lookup NAME in this directory, and store the result in *np. The
returned node should be created by lookup() using procfs_make_node()
- or a derived function. */
+ or a derived function. Note that the parent will be kept alive as
+ long as the child exists, so you can safely reference the parent's
+ data from the child. You may want to consider locking if there's
+ any mutation going on, though. */
error_t (*lookup) (void *hook, const char *name, struct node **np);
/* Destroy this node. */