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authorJeremie Koenig <>2010-08-23 11:33:22 +0000
committerJeremie Koenig <>2010-08-30 14:31:31 +0200
commit6e202c432e2f16dfa83a7dc21b759c03623fa394 (patch)
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parent0f2bdacd6ad3dbcc905925dee12cb30918c33a11 (diff)
Detect asprintf's ENOMEM in procfs.c rather than everywhere
* procfs.h: Make CONTENTS_LEN an ssize_t rather than a size_t, and document the change. * procfs.c (procfs_get_contents): Initialize CONTENTS_LEN to a negative value, and fail with ENOMEM if it's still negative after the callback returns. (everywhere): Update to ssize_t. * dircat.c, netfs.c, process.c, procfs_dir.c, proclist.c, rootdir.c: Update to ssize_t and the new GET_CONTENTS semantics.
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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/procfs.h b/procfs.h
index 8336ee8..e8ef18b 100644
--- a/procfs.h
+++ b/procfs.h
@@ -16,9 +16,11 @@ struct procfs_node_ops
symlink or directory, as determined by the file mode in
netnode->nn_stat. For regular files and symlinks, they are what
you would expect; for directories, they are an argz vector of the
- names of the entries. */
- error_t (*get_contents) (void *hook, char **contents, size_t *contents_len);
- void (*cleanup_contents) (void *hook, char *contents, size_t contents_len);
+ names of the entries. If upon return, *CONTENTS_LEN is negative or
+ unchanged, the call is considered to have failed because of a memory
+ allocation error. */
+ error_t (*get_contents) (void *hook, char **contents, ssize_t *contents_len);
+ void (*cleanup_contents) (void *hook, char *contents, ssize_t contents_len);
/* Lookup NAME in this directory, and store the result in *np. The
returned node should be created by lookup() using procfs_make_node()
@@ -41,8 +43,8 @@ struct procfs_node_ops
/* These helper functions can be used as procfs_node_ops.cleanup_contents. */
-void procfs_cleanup_contents_with_free (void *, char *, size_t);
-void procfs_cleanup_contents_with_vm_deallocate (void *, char *, size_t);
+void procfs_cleanup_contents_with_free (void *, char *, ssize_t);
+void procfs_cleanup_contents_with_vm_deallocate (void *, char *, ssize_t);
/* Create a new node and return it. Returns NULL if it fails to allocate
enough memory. In this case, ops->cleanup will be invoked. */
@@ -69,7 +71,7 @@ void procfs_node_chtype (struct node *np, mode_t type);
corresponding child nodes. */
ino64_t procfs_make_ino (struct node *np, const char *filename);
-error_t procfs_get_contents (struct node *np, char **data, size_t *data_len);
+error_t procfs_get_contents (struct node *np, char **data, ssize_t *data_len);
error_t procfs_lookup (struct node *np, const char *name, struct node **npp);
void procfs_cleanup (struct node *np);