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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-06ext2fs: Add support for xattrShengyu Zhang
2015-12-31Drop OTHERLIBS and use LDLIBS exclusivelyFlavio Cruz
2014-03-20Make bz2 and gz support optionalGabriele Giacone
2014-02-18libstore: replaced gz decompression code with libzIgnazio Sgalmuzzo
2014-02-09Replaced bz2 decompression code with libbz2Ignazio Sgalmuzzo
2012-11-27Switch from cthreads to pthreadsRichard Braun
2012-04-08Replace fragile manual »make dist« system with one based on »git archive«.Thomas Schwinge
2012-03-25Fix extern inline useSamuel Thibault
2002-03-142002-03-11 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
2000-07-26* Makefile (HURDLIBS): Reorder libs such that the threads libMark Kettenis
1999-10-031999-10-03 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1999-10-021999-10-02 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1999-09-131999-09-09 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1996-09-23(HURDLIBS): Add store.Miles Bader
1996-09-17*** empty log message ***Thomas Bushnell
1996-05-09(ext2fs ext2fs.static): s/ioserver/iohelp/gMichael I. Bushnell
1996-04-30(targets): Renamed from `target'.Michael I. Bushnell
1996-04-26(makemode): Now `servers'.Michael I. Bushnell
1996-01-18(LDFLAGS): Add -static.Miles Bader
1995-10-20(SRCS): Remove devio.c, add msg.c and storeinfo.c.Miles Bader
1995-08-25(ext2fs): Put libports in the right place in the linking order.Miles Bader
1995-08-24(LCLHDRS): Put all dependencies here.Miles Bader
1995-07-06Removed dependencies that are now automatically generated.Michael I. Bushnell
1995-06-24(HURDLIBS): Add libihash.Miles Bader
1995-05-13(OBJS): Remove exec_server_image.o.Roland McGrath
1995-05-09entered into RCSMiles Bader
1995-05-05Formerly Makefile.~8~Miles Bader
1995-04-17Formerly Makefile.~7~Miles Bader
1995-04-15Formerly Makefile.~6~Miles Bader
1995-04-12Formerly Makefile.~5~Michael I. Bushnell
1995-04-12Formerly Makefile.~4~Michael I. Bushnell
1995-04-11Formerly Makefile.~3~Michael I. Bushnell
1995-04-11Formerly Makefile.~2~Miles Bader
1995-04-11Initial revisionMiles Bader