AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-12exec: Support ELIBEXEC errorHEADmasterSamuel Thibault
2022-03-01rumpdisk: Note multithreading FIXME as doneSamuel Thibault
2022-03-01libpager: Make it a bit parallelv0.9.git20220301Samuel Thibault
2022-03-01rumpdisk: Override machdev_server with multithread port managementDamien Zammit
2022-03-01libmachdev: Export demuxer as machdev_demuxer and bucket pointerDamien Zammit
2022-03-01libmachdev: No-op fix styling of functionsDamien Zammit
2022-02-28pci-arbiter: Remove invalid pci_device_closeDamien Zammit
2022-02-27rumpdisk: Protect open/close/read/write with a rwlockDamien Zammit
2022-02-25rumpdisk: Do not set a number of bytes in case of errorsSamuel Thibault
2022-02-25rumpdisk: Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-25Fix store_read callsSamuel Thibault
2022-02-25mtab: turn part:x:device:y into /dev/ysxSamuel Thibault
2022-02-22rumpdisk: Fix BLKRRPART valueSamuel Thibault
2022-02-20libmachdev: Register translator for shutdown notificationSamuel Thibault
2022-02-20mount: Avoid appending empty options to empty mntoptsSamuel Thibault
2022-02-20mount: Fix deleting noauto/bind optionSamuel Thibault
2022-02-18rumpdisk: cope with unaligned and big accessesv0.9.git20220218Samuel Thibault
2022-02-12acpi: Remove erroneous MAP_FIXEDDamien Zammit
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Silence warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Fix warningSamuel Thibault Drop unneeded backquote escapingSamuel Thibault
2022-02-12Update m4/libgcrypt.m4Samuel Thibault
2022-02-12Replace AC_TRY_COMPILE with AC_COMPILE_IFELSESamuel Thibault
2022-02-07FIXME noteSamuel Thibault
2022-02-06rumpdisk: add missing device_close on probing kernel driversSamuel Thibault
2022-02-05rumpdisk: add missing device_close on probing kernel driversv0.9.git20220206Samuel Thibault
2022-01-23Change a EIO by a ENOSPC in case where not enough spaceEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: refactor add a method for dupplicated codeEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: detect and warn when filesystem is an ext3 fsEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: resolve a todo, check writability before writingEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: set the writing time in the superblockEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: set the f_namelen to the correct valueEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: Take cares of indiannesEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: use macro to check flagsEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: remove unneeded fileEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23move to ext2_fs.h a #defineEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: remove __KERNEL__Etienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs: update ext2_fs.h headerEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23ext2fs Merge 2 headersEtienne Brateau
2022-01-23typoSamuel Thibault
2022-01-20proc: Fix variable typeSamuel Thibault
2022-01-20libnetfs: fix type of variableEtienne Brateau
2022-01-20libps: fix some signed vs unsigned comparisionEtienne Brateau
2022-01-20libdiskfs: improve asserts and remove a sign compare warningEtienne Brateau