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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-15Fix build failures with -DDEBUG.Martin Sebor
2016-01-14Use TIME_T_MAX and TIME_T_MIN in tst-mktime2.cH.J. Lu
2016-01-11Force rereading TZDEFRULES after it was used to set DST rules only (bug #19253)Andreas Schwab
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert miscellaneous function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert 113 more function definitions to prototype style (files with assertio...Joseph Myers
2015-10-19Convert 69 more function definitions to prototype style (line wrap cases).Joseph Myers
2015-10-16Convert 703 function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-10-12Add dependencies on needed locales in each subdir tests (bug 18969)Andreas Schwab
2015-09-26Fix BZ #18985 -- out of range data to strftime() causes a segfaultPaul Pluzhnikov
2015-09-18time: in strptime(), make %z accept [+-]HH:MM tz [BZ #17887]Vincent Bernat
2015-09-18time: in strptime(), make %z accept Z as a time zone [BZ #17886]Vincent Bernat
2015-09-08Move bits/libc-lock.h and bits/libc-lockP.h out of bits/ (bug 14912).Joseph Myers
2015-08-28time/tst-strptime2.c: test full input range +/- 0-9999James Perkins
2015-08-28strptime %z: fix rounding, extend range to +/-9959 [BZ #16141]James Perkins
2015-08-06Modify several tests to use test-skeleton.cArjun Shankar
2015-04-27Check tzspec_len == 0 in __tzfile_readH.J. Lu
2015-04-27test-skeleton: Support temporary files without memory leaks [BZ#18333]Florian Weimer
2015-04-24Make time zone file parser more robust [BZ #17715]Florian Weimer
2015-03-06time: ensure failing strptime() tests are reported correctlyVincent Bernat
2015-02-24Reduce lock contention in __tz_convert() [BZ #16145] (partial fix)Kevin Easton
2015-02-08Fix time/getdate.c build.Samuel Thibault
2015-01-06Define CLOCKS_PER_SEC type to the type clock_tH.J. Lu
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-12-30Replace %ld with %jd and cast to intmax_tH.J. Lu
2014-12-10Fix strftime wcschr namespace (bug 17634).Joseph Myers
2014-11-12Fix tzfile.c namespace (bug 17583).Joseph Myers
2014-11-05Modify several tests to use test-skeleton.cArjun Shankar
2014-09-18New test for ftimeArjun Shankar
2014-07-10Fix -Wundef warning for HAVE_LOCALTIME_RSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-07-10Fix Wundef warning for HAVE_STRFTIMESiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-06-28Sync up mktime with gnulibPaul Eggert
2014-06-27Remove inline keyword from leapyear functionSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-06-04Include LOCPATH in default test environment.Joseph Myers
2014-02-26Consistently include Makeconfig after defining subdir.Joseph Myers
2014-02-21Complete _BSD_SOURCE / _SVID_source followup cleanup.Joseph Myers
2014-02-13Clean up trivially redundant __USE_MISC conditionals.Joseph Myers
2014-02-12Combine __USE_BSD and __USE_SVID into __USE_MISC.Joseph Myers
2014-02-10Use glibc_likely instead __builtin_expect.Ondřej Bílka
2014-01-01Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrightsAllan McRae
2013-12-17Support TZ transition times < 00:00:00.Paul Eggert
2013-12-04Allow strptime read outputs from strftime. Fixes bug 4772.Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-25Make strptime %Z consistent between doc and code. Fixes bug 14876Ondřej Bílka
2013-10-20Replace alloca in __tzfile_read by malloc. Fixes bug 15670Ondřej Bílka
2013-06-08Use (void) in no-arguments function definitions.Joseph Myers
2013-06-07Avoid use of "register" as optimization hint.Joseph Myers
2013-06-05Properly handle %W in strptimeAndreas Schwab
2013-05-16Add #include <stdint.h> for uint[32|64]_t usage (except installed headers).Ryan S. Arnold
2013-04-23Consistently use ISSPACE to check for whitespaceSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-04-10Accept leading and trailing spaces in getdate input stringSiddhesh Poyarekar