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2016-02-18Add _STRING_INLINE_unaligned and string_private.hH.J. Lu
2016-01-25S390: Fix build failure in test string/tst-endian.c with gcc 6.Stefan Liebler
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert miscellaneous function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert 29 more function definitions to prototype style (multiple parameters ...Joseph Myers
2015-10-16Convert 703 function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-10-09Fix typo in bug-strcoll2 (Bug 18589)Carlos O'Donell
2015-10-08strcoll: Add bug-strcoll2 to testsuite (Bug 18589).Carlos O'Donell
2015-10-08strcoll: Remove incorrect STRDIFF-based optimization (Bug 18589).Carlos O'Donell
2015-09-28Let 'make check subdirs=string' succeed even when it's invokedMartin Sebor
2015-09-08Move bits/libc-lock.h and bits/libc-lockP.h out of bits/ (bug 14912).Joseph Myers
2015-08-26S390: Optimize wmemset.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize memccpy.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize memchr, rawmemchr and wmemchr.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strcspn and wcscspn.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strpbrk and wcspbrk.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strspn and wcsspn.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strchrnul and wcschrnul.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strchr and wcschr.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strcmp and wcscmp.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strncat wcsncat.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strcat and wcscat.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize stpncpy and wcpncpy.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strncpy and wcsncpy.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize stpcpy and wcpcpy.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strnlen and wcsnlen.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-26S390: Optimize strlen and wcslen.Stefan Liebler
2015-08-19Improve stpncpy performance by using __strnlen/memcpy/memset rather than aWilco Dijkstra
2015-08-18Port the 0x7efe...feff pattern to GCC 6.Paul Eggert
2015-08-14stpncpy: fix size checking [BZ #18975]Zack Weinberg
2015-08-11powerpc: Use default strcpy optimization for POWER7Adhemerval Zanella
2015-08-06Modify several tests to use test-skeleton.cArjun Shankar
2015-08-05Improve performance of mempcpy by inlining and using memcpy. EnableWilco Dijkstra
2015-08-05Improve memccpy performance by using memchr/memcpy/mempcpy rather thanWilco Dijkstra
2015-08-05This patch improves strncpy performance by using strnlen/memcpy rather than a...Wilco Dijkstra
2015-06-22remove unnecessary memset in strcollLeonhard Holz
2015-06-22remove now unused idxnow in strcollLeonhard Holz
2015-06-02Use libc_hidden_proto / libc_hidden_def with __strnlen.Joseph Myers
2015-05-22Fix pathconf basename namespace (bug 18444).Joseph Myers
2015-05-12Improve strcoll with strdiff.Leonhard Holz
2015-04-13Use correct signedness in wcsncmpStefan Liebler
2015-03-04Don't define __CORRECT_ISO_CPP_STRING_H_PROTO for non-GCC compilers (bug 17631)Andreas Schwab
2015-02-27Rather than using a C implementation of memmove, directly call memmove, whichWilco Dijkstra
2015-02-27Rather than using a C implementation of memset, directly call memset, whichWilco Dijkstra
2015-02-11Remove unused definitionsLeonhard Holz
2015-01-13Fix memory handling in strxfrm_l [BZ #16009]Leonhard Holz
2015-01-06Revert "Suppress warning in string/tester.c for gcc 4.9"Ondřej Bílka
2015-01-06Suppress warning in string/tester.c for gcc 4.9Ondřej Bílka
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-12-23* string/stpcpy.c (__stpcpy): Rewrite using strlen and memcpy.Richard Earnshaw