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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-14Ensure isinff, isinfl, isnanf, and isnanl are defined (Bug 19439)Carlos O'Donell
2016-01-19Fix ulps regeneration for *-finite tests.Joseph Myers
2016-01-18[BZ #19451]Paul Pluzhnikov
2016-01-11Fix isinf/isnan declaration conflict with C++11Adhemerval Zanella
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-12-18Remove unused variable in math/atest-exp2.c.Torvald Riegel
2015-12-04Fix nan functions handling of payload strings (bug 16961, bug 16962).Joseph Myers
2015-12-03Corrected path to installed libmvec_nonshared.aAndrew Senkevich
2015-11-27Better workaround for aliases of *_finite symbols in vector math library.Andrew Senkevich
2015-11-20Fix lgamma setting signgam for ISO C (bug 15421).Joseph Myers
2015-11-16Work around conflicting declarations of math functionsFlorian Weimer
2015-11-11Fix powerpc nearbyint wrongly clearing "inexact" and leaving traps disabled (...Joseph Myers
2015-11-10Add more tests of pow.Joseph Myers
2015-11-06Fix typo in signgam test messages.Joseph Myers
2015-11-05Run libm-test tests for finite-math-only functions.Joseph Myers
2015-11-05Fix finite-math-only lgamma functions signgam setting (bug 19211).Joseph Myers
2015-11-05Don't redirect ldexp to scalbn in bits/math-finite.h (bug 19209).Joseph Myers
2015-11-05Make bits/math-finite.h conditions match other headers (bug 19205).Joseph Myers
2015-11-04Refactor libm-test inline tests disabling.Joseph Myers
2015-11-04Add more libm tests (scalb*, signbit, sin, sincos, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh, tga...Joseph Myers
2015-11-03Add more libm tests (modf, nearbyint, nextafter, nexttoward, pow, remainder, ...Joseph Myers
2015-11-03Fix dbl-64 remainder sign of zero result (bug 19201).Joseph Myers
2015-11-02Make nextafter, nexttoward set errno (bug 6799).Joseph Myers
2015-10-29Do not test sign of zero result from infinite argument to Bessel functions.Joseph Myers
2015-10-29Make drem an alias of remainder (bug 16171).Joseph Myers
2015-10-28Use C11 CMPLX* macros in libm tests.Joseph Myers
2015-10-28Use C11 *_TRUE_MIN macros where applicable.Joseph Myers
2015-10-28Fix i386/x86_64 fesetenv SSE exception clearing (bug 19181).Joseph Myers
2015-10-28Use C11 *_DECIMAL_DIG macros in Myers
2015-10-27Use -std=gnu11 instead of -std=gnu99.Joseph Myers
2015-10-23Remove special-casing of errors up to 0.5 ulp.Joseph Myers
2015-10-23Add more libm tests (ilogb, is*, j0, j1, jn, lgamma, log*).Joseph Myers
2015-10-23Fix j1, jn missing errno setting on underflow (bug 18611).Joseph Myers
2015-10-22Fix i386 / x86_64 nearbyint exception clearing (bug 15491).Joseph Myers
2015-10-21Add more libm tests (fmod, fpclassify, frexp, hypot, ilogb, j0, j1, jn, log, ...Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert 113 more function definitions to prototype style (files with assertio...Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert 29 more function definitions to prototype style (multiple parameters ...Joseph Myers
2015-10-16Add more libm tests (fabs, fdim, fma, fmax, fmin, fmod).Joseph Myers
2015-10-16Add more tests for ceil, floor, round, trunc.Joseph Myers
2015-10-08Fix lrint, llrint missing exceptions close to overflow threshold (bug 19094).Joseph Myers
2015-10-08Correct "inexact" expectations in lround, llround tests.Joseph Myers
2015-10-07Fix lround, llround missing exceptions close to overflow threshold (bug 19088).Joseph Myers
2015-10-06Add more tests of lrint, llrint, lround, llround.Joseph Myers
2015-10-06Use same test inputs for lrint and llrint.Joseph Myers
2015-10-06Add more scalb test expectations for "inexact" exception.Joseph Myers
2015-10-05Fix ldbl-96 lroundl just below powers of 2 (bug 19071).Joseph Myers
2015-10-02Fix nexttoward overflow in non-default rounding modes (bug 19059).Joseph Myers
2015-10-01Fix ldbl-128 / ldbl-128ibm lgamma overflow handling (bug 16347, bug 19046).Joseph Myers
2015-10-01Use type-specific precision when printing results in Myers
2015-09-30Fix i386 acosh (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception.Joseph Myers