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2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-10-20Convert miscellaneous function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-10-16Convert 703 function definitions to prototype style.Joseph Myers
2015-09-22Add missing __mach_host_self_ symbol in VersionsSamuel Thibault
2015-09-16Cache the host port like we cache the task portJustus Winter
2015-06-06mach: fix typoSamuel Thibault
2015-03-21Fix warningsSamuel Thibault
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-02-26Consistently include Makeconfig after defining subdir.Joseph Myers
2014-02-22Remove obsolete SHLIB_COMPAT conditionalization in Versions files.Roland McGrath
2014-01-01Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrightsAllan McRae
2013-06-10Remove trailing whitespace from mach/*.sub.Joseph Myers
2013-06-07Avoid use of "register" as optimization hint.Joseph Myers
2013-06-06Fix leading whitespaces.Ondrej Bilka
2013-01-02Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2013-01-01Add script to update copyright notices and reformat some to facilitate its use.Joseph Myers
2012-03-07Remove distribute variable from MakefilesUlrich Drepper
2012-02-15Remove macros wrongly left for pre-libio case that no longer exists.Roland McGrath
2012-02-09Replace FSF snail mail address with URLs.Paul Eggert
2011-09-10Cleanup of configuration optionsUlrich Drepper
2009-05-16Remove redundant .gitignore files.Andreas Schwab
2009-05-15rename each .cvsignore file to .gitignoreJim Meyering
2007-07-22* mach/lock-intern.h: Include <sys/cdefs.h>.Roland McGrath
2007-03-17* (libc_cv_gnu89_inline): Test for -fgnu89-inline.Ulrich Drepper
2006-04-04[BZ #2507]Roland McGrath
2006-02-01* mach/Machrules ($(objpfx)%.uh, $(objpfx)%.__h): Use static patterncvs/fedora-glibc-20060202T0507Roland McGrath
2005-12-22Typo fix.Roland McGrath
2005-12-21* elf/cache.c: Use <> rather than "" #includes.Roland McGrath
2005-12-14Moved to csu/errno-loc.c.Ulrich Drepper
2005-12-06* hurd/hurdmalloc.c: Remove $ tag $ magic.Roland McGrath
2005-08-082005-08-05 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
2004-12-22(CFLAGS-tst-align.c): Add -mpreferred-stack-boundary=4.Ulrich Drepper
2007-07-122.5-18.1Jakub Jelinek
2003-05-282003-05-11 Andreas Schwab <>Roland McGrath
2003-02-26Revert unintentional commits.Roland McGrath
2003-02-25linuxthreads/ChangeLogRoland McGrath
2003-02-16* mach/errsystems.awk: Include <errno.h> in generated output.Roland McGrath
2003-02-152003-02-15 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
2002-12-312002-12-30 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
2002-08-30* sysdeps/mach/_strerror.c (__strerror_r): Add libc_hidden_def.Roland McGrath
2002-05-132002-05-13 Marcus Brinkmann <>Roland McGrath
2002-04-08* mach/setup-thread.c (__mach_setup_thread): int -> natural_tRoland McGrath
2002-02-19* sysdeps/mach/hurd/times.c: Fix typo in last change.Roland McGrath
2002-02-18* sysdeps/mach/ Check for <mach/machine/ndr_def.h>Roland McGrath
2002-02-18* hurd/Versions (libc: GLIBC_2.0): Add _S_catch_exception_raise_state,Roland McGrath
2002-02-17* sysdeps/mach/hurd/times.c (__times) [NO_CREATION_TIME]: Don't tryRoland McGrath
2002-02-17* Add #undef HAVE_HOST_PAGE_SIZE.Roland McGrath
2002-02-17* sysdeps/mach/ Add some checks for Mach headersRoland McGrath
2002-02-172002-02-16 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
2002-02-07* sysdeps/mach/ New file.Roland McGrath