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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-13Fix O_DIRECTORY lookup on trivial translatorsFlavio Cruz
2016-01-04Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2015-11-25Fix RPC breakage when longjumping from signal handlerSamuel Thibault
2015-10-20Convert 113 more function definitions to prototype style (files with assertio...Joseph Myers
2015-10-10Remove unusued variableSamuel Thibault
2015-10-10Make _hurd_raise_signal directly return the errorSamuel Thibault
2015-10-10Make _hurd_raise_signal return errorsSamuel Thibault
2015-03-21Fix warningsSamuel Thibault
2015-02-08add hurd/hurdsocket.h file missing from a5eb23dSamuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurd: fix compilation of signal.h in C++Samuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurd: fix compilation of signal.h in C++Samuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurdselect: remove dead code.Samuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurd: fix sigstate lockingSamuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurdselect: Let select get interrupted by signalsSamuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurd: map nice levels 1-to-1 with Mach prio levelsSamuel Thibault
2015-02-07hurd: allow poll() array bigger than FD_SETSIZESamuel Thibault
2015-01-02Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2014-02-26Consistently include Makeconfig after defining subdir.Joseph Myers
2014-02-22Remove obsolete SHLIB_COMPAT conditionalization in Versions files.Roland McGrath
2014-02-10Use glibc_likely instead __builtin_expect.Ondřej Bílka
2014-01-01Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrightsAllan McRae
2013-09-04Remove --disable-versioning.Joseph Myers
2013-06-08Use (void) in no-arguments function definitions.Joseph Myers
2013-06-07Avoid use of "register" as optimization hint.Joseph Myers
2013-06-06Fix leading whitespaces.Ondrej Bilka
2013-06-05Remove trailing whitespace.Joseph Myers
2013-01-02Fix copyright notice corruption from update-copyright bug.Joseph Myers
2013-01-02Update copyright notices with scripts/update-copyrights.Joseph Myers
2013-01-01Add script to update copyright notices and reformat some to facilitate its use.Joseph Myers
2012-08-03Distinguish ELOOP diagnosis threshold from SYMLOOP_MAX.Roland McGrath
2012-05-10Hurd: avoid PLT call to strtoulThomas Schwinge
2012-05-10Hurd: hurdsock: reject negative domainsPino Toscano
2012-05-10Hurd: _hurd_select: check for invalid parameter valuesPino Toscano
2012-05-10Hurd: empty file names fail with ENOENTSamuel Thibault
2012-05-10Hurd: Missing critical region locks.Samuel Thibault
2012-05-10Hurd: Fix signal-catching functions.Samuel Thibault
2012-05-10Hurd: O_CLOEXEC in rtldThomas Schwinge
2012-03-20Move stdio-common/_itoa.h to sysdeps/genericH.J. Lu
2012-03-07Remove distribute variable from MakefilesUlrich Drepper
2012-02-09Replace FSF snail mail address with URLs.Paul Eggert
2011-09-10Cleanup of configuration optionsUlrich Drepper
2010-08-02Hurd: fix timeout rounding in selectSamuel Thibault
2010-06-02Hurd: Fix linkat symlink handling.Emilio Pozuelo Monfort
2010-04-26Hurd: Fix file_name_lookup_at error case return value.Emilio Pozuelo Monfort
2010-02-19Fix Hurd tiocsctty change.Carl Fredrik Hammar
2010-02-17Clean up Hurd TIOCSCTTY.Carl Fredrik Hammar
2010-02-17Use ioctl_handler_t typedef in Hurd ioctl macros.Carl Fredrik Hammar
2009-12-22Hurd: Fix possibly uninitialized variable in _hurd_locked_install_cttyid.Samuel Thibault
2009-05-16Remove redundant .gitignore files.Andreas Schwab
2009-05-15rename each .cvsignore file to .gitignoreJim Meyering