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2014-11-24Remove NOT_IN_libcSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-11-24Remove last place for definition of IS_IN_* macrosSiddhesh Poyarekar
2014-11-24Remove IN_LIBSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-09-04Remove --disable-versioning.Joseph Myers
2013-03-13Don't build .os objects of static-only-routines for extra libsAndreas Schwab
2012-05-25Add --enable-systemtap configuration to define static probe points.Roland McGrath
2012-01-07Remove non-ELF supportUlrich Drepper
2004-12-02* (object-suffixes-$(lib)): Add .oS whencvs/fedora-glibc-20041203T0935Roland McGrath
2002-10-16* (CPPFLAGS-$(cpp-src)): Variable removed.Roland McGrath
2002-04-09Update.Ulrich Drepper
2002-04-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1999-07-201999-07-19 Andreas Schwab <>Andreas Schwab
1998-11-10Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-11-08Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-07-20Update.Ulrich Drepper
1998-05-15Update.Ulrich Drepper
1997-08-20Update.cvs/libc-ud-970819Ulrich Drepper
1997-07-12Update.cvs/libc-ud-970712Ulrich Drepper
1997-06-19Update.cvs/libc-ud-970619cvs/libc-970620Ulrich Drepper
1996-09-07update from main archive 960906cvs/libc-960907Ulrich Drepper
1996-09-05update from main archive 960904cvs/libc-960905Ulrich Drepper
1996-07-05Fri Jul 5 12:22:51 1996 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1996-07-05* nss/nss_files/files-parse.c (parse_list): Set EOL from LINE if itRoland McGrath
1996-06-25Tue Jun 25 02:59:11 1996 Roland McGrath <>cvs/libc-960625Roland McGrath
1996-06-02Wed May 29 00:57:37 1996 David Mosberger-Tang <>Roland McGrath
1996-05-29Wed May 29 00:52:20 1996 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1996-05-14Tue May 14 14:07:10 1996 Roland McGrath <>cvs/libc-960515Roland McGrath
1996-05-13* Skip the hair if $(object-suffixes-$(lib)) is empty.Roland McGrath
1996-04-04Wed Apr 3 17:10:44 1996 Roland McGrath <>cvs/libc-960405cvs/libc-960404Roland McGrath
1995-10-31Tue Oct 31 00:07:29 1995 Roland McGrath <>cvs/libc-951031Roland McGrath
1995-10-24* sunrpc/Makefile (librpcsvc-no-lib-dep): New variable.Roland McGrath
1995-04-24Sat Apr 22 14:48:03 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath
1995-04-08* (install-lib, extra-objs, alltypes-$(lib)): MakeRoland McGrath
1995-04-01* Makerules ( lib%_pic.a): Pass -L options for subdir andcvs/libc-950402Roland McGrath
1995-03-17Fri Mar 17 12:58:37 1995 Roland McGrath <>Roland McGrath