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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-17configure: make the unsupported error message less hostileMike Frysinger
2015-12-02Use shell's builtin pwd.Ludovic Court├Ęs
2015-11-27Rename localedir to complocaledir (bug 14259).Carlos O'Donell
2015-11-14Run tst-prelink test for GLOB_DAT relocH.J. Lu
2015-11-06Remove configure tests for some linker -z options.Joseph Myers
2015-11-03Remove --no-whole-archive configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-11-02Remove init_array / fini_array configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-29Remove configure tests for visibility support.Joseph Myers
2015-10-27Use -std=gnu11 instead of -std=gnu99.Joseph Myers
2015-10-27Remove sysdeps/nptl/ Myers
2015-10-27Require GCC 4.7 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2015-10-27Remove TLS configure tests.Joseph Myers
2015-10-27Remove configure test for needing -P for .S files.Joseph Myers
2015-10-26Remove support for removing glibc 2.0 headers.Joseph Myers
2015-10-26Remove configure test for assembler .text directive.Joseph Myers
2015-10-26Use the CXX compiler only if it can create dynamic and static programsFlorian Weimer
2015-10-19Remove gnu_unique_object configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-19use -fstack-protector-strong when availableMike Frysinger
2015-10-19timezone: polish grammar a bit in documentationMike Frysinger
2015-10-19Remove -fgnu89-inline configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-19Remove .weak, .weakext configure tests.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove -Bgroup configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove sizeof (long double) configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove -fexceptions configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove .previous, .popsection configure tests.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove -static-libgcc configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-15Remove stddef.h configure test.Joseph Myers
2015-10-06Add a test case for C++11 thread_local supportFlorian Weimer
2015-09-18timezone: add a configure flag to disable program installMike Frysinger
2015-06-25Support compilers defaulting to PIEH.J. Lu
2015-05-14This is update for configure, build and install of vector math library.Andrew Senkevich
2015-04-09Let non-add-on preconfigure scripts set libc_config_ok.Roland McGrath
2015-03-31Add a testcase for copy reloc against protected dataH.J. Lu
2015-03-04Avoid C++ tests when the C++ cannot be linked.Roland McGrath
2015-02-11Revert "hurd: Fix abi-tag, following ba90e05"Samuel Thibault
2014-12-22Require bison 2.7 or newer for regenerating intl/plural.yWill Newton
2014-12-15Bump required version of texinfo to 4.7Will Newton
2014-12-10Use -Werror by default, add --disable-werror.Joseph Myers
2014-11-14Require GCC 4.6 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2014-11-10Update minimal required bunutils version to 2.22Andrew Senkevich
2014-10-24Rework compiler version check in configure.Roland McGrath
2014-09-29Require autoconf 2.69H.J. Lu
2014-09-16Remove bitrotten --enable-oldest-abi (bug 6652).Joseph Myers
2014-09-12Remove configuration name patterns from shlib-versions.Joseph Myers
2014-08-12detect broken linker handling of __ehdr_startMike Frysinger
2014-07-31Use __builtin_trap for ABORT_INSTRUCTION.Roland McGrath
2014-06-27Remove relro configure test.Joseph Myers
2014-06-26Remove powerpc special cases in Myers
2014-06-26Remove configure tests for assembler CFI support.Joseph Myers
2014-06-25Move USE_REGPARMS define to sysdeps/i386/ Myers