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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-14Update INSTALL with latest versions tested to work.Carlos O'Donell
2015-10-27Require GCC 4.7 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2015-10-19timezone: polish grammar a bit in documentationMike Frysinger
2015-09-18timezone: add a configure flag to disable program installMike Frysinger
2015-06-12Attempting to install glibc configured with --prefix=/usr intoMartin Sebor
2015-06-09Start of series of patches with x86_64 vector math functions.Andrew Senkevich
2015-03-06Document test-wrapper-env-only in INSTALL.Roland McGrath
2015-02-05glibc 2.21 pre-release update.Carlos O'Donell
2015-01-20Regenerate INSTALL.Carlos O'Donell
2014-12-22Require bison 2.7 or newer for regenerating intl/plural.yWill Newton
2014-12-15Bump required version of texinfo to 4.7Will Newton
2014-12-10Use -Werror by default, add --disable-werror.Joseph Myers
2014-11-14Require GCC 4.6 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2014-11-10Update minimal required bunutils version to 2.22Andrew Senkevich
2014-10-31Update autoconf version requirement in install.texi.Joseph Myers
2014-06-07Remove redundant C locale settings.Joseph Myers
2014-06-06Don't require test wrappers to preserve environment variables, use more consi...Joseph Myers
2014-04-30Increase minimum Linux kernel version to 2.6.32.Joseph Myers
2014-03-14Do not terminate default test runs on test failure.Joseph Myers
2014-03-13Regenerate INSTALL.Joseph Myers
2013-12-19Stop partial menu generation in INSTALL fileAllan McRae
2013-10-30rename to configure.acMike Frysinger
2013-09-10Update pt_chown sections of the manualAllan McRae
2013-09-04Remove --disable-versioning.Joseph Myers
2013-07-21CVE-2013-2207, BZ #15755: Disable pt_chown.Carlos O'Donell
2013-07-04Fix lock elision help text in INSTALL and configureSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-07-02Add a configure option to enable lock elision and disable by defaultAndi Kleen
2013-06-26Require GCC 4.4 or later to build glibc.Joseph Myers
2013-06-24Regenerate INSTALL fileSiddhesh Poyarekar
2013-03-12Remove mention of i386-pc-linux-gnu.Carlos O'Donell
2012-11-09Support --with-pkgversion and --with-bugurl.Joseph Myers
2012-10-31Document general use of test-wrapper and test-wrapper-env.Joseph Myers
2012-10-25Add Myers
2012-05-23Do not mention old Linux kernel versions in installation documentation.Joseph Myers
2012-05-18Fix INSTALL description for modified files in source dirAndreas Jaeger
2012-05-16Update Texinfo version requirement.Joseph Myers
2012-03-08Clean up glibc manual references to "GNU system" (bug 6911).Joseph Myers
2012-03-01Require binutils 2.20 or later.Joseph Myers
2012-02-28Use Texinfo macros to refer to the GNU C Library within the manual.Joseph Myers
2012-02-27Require GCC 4.3 or later.Joseph Myers
2012-02-27Require Linux kernel headers from "make headers_install", >= Myers
2012-02-21Fix stray word in line-wrapped comment in install.texi.Joseph Myers
2012-02-21Update or avoid glibc version numbers in manual.Joseph Myers
2012-02-18Remove documentation of upgrading from libc5.Joseph Myers
2012-01-07Fix WSUlrich Drepper
2012-01-07Remove --enable-omitfp supportUlrich Drepper
2010-10-03Remove specific binutils version recommendation in INSTALL file.Ulrich Drepper
2010-05-05Regenerate INSTALLAndreas Schwab
2006-03-06* version.h (VERSION): 2.4glibc-2.4cvs/glibc-2_4cvs/fedora-glibc-20060306T1239Roland McGrath
2006-03-01* Makefile (format-me): Use --plaintext --no-number-sections.Roland McGrath